Sports Extra with Dave Ross: ‘30 and 0 plus 50 years’ set for Labor Day weekend

Sports Extra - With Dave Ross

Sidney’s football team ran off 30 consecutive victories from 1968-70 and the town was in a full frenzy. This year marks the golden anniversary of the conclusion of that streak, and a reunion commemoration is planned for Labor Day weekend as part of Sidney’s bicentennial.

The centerpiece will be the Tippecanoe at Sidney game on Friday, Sept. 4. A Thursday night contest was discussed but many factors dictated the traditional Friday including the availability of the alumni band.

Thursday will be utilized for reunion attendees to meet at the former Julia Lamb Stadium to remember deceased teammates and reminisce, then proceed to Sidney Memorial Stadium to see the current team practice before the groups combine for pizza in the Goffena Training Facility at the stadium.

Friday’s kickoff is the usual 7 p.m. Introductions will take place at the outset of halftime. A postgame public reception will be held at Goffena with everyone invited.

NKTelco will do a delayed telecast of the festivities. The NKT website will provide worldwide ongoing archived access.

Five graduating classes participated in “30 and 0” with each having a reunion captain. 1969: Dave Fultz, 1970: Tim Zorn, 1971: Dave Leistner, 1972: Mark Fogt, and 1973: Rick Carroll. These men will recruit and communicate with their football classmates. Former athletic director John Wolfinger will handle the coaching staff. An itinerary and other specifics will be forwarded later through the captains.

The SHS class of 1970 will also hold its 50th reunion on that weekend. Many will attend the football game and reception before their own events begin on Saturday.

Sports Extra

With Dave Ross

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