Oaks Ladies Leaguebraves heat to play


Staff report

Twenty-three ladies braved the heat and humidity Wednesday to play nine holes at Shelby Oaks as part of the weekly Shelby Oaks Ladies League.

The play of the day was Rob’s Call and the club pro decided to have a long putt contest for each of the holes on the west nine, during a scramble.

The winners on each hole were as follows:

N0. 1 hole — no winner

No. 2 — Joyce Goubeaux

No. 3 — Trish Hoying

No. 4 — Karen Dickman

No. 5 — Joyce Goubeaux

No. 6 — Ellen Joslin

No. 7 — Linda Spangler

No. 8 — Roxie Shepherd

No. 9 — Nancy Walter

There was also team competition, and two teams tied for first place.

They include the team of Mary Lou Berning, Deb Goffena and Pris Reier, and the team of Nancy Walter, Linda Spangler and Karen Dickman. Both finished with 37.