Two Sidney driverswin at Shady Bowl


Staff report

DEGRAFF — Shady Bowl Speedway held a big night of racing with the running of the Curt Frazier Tribute race Saturday.

The Richmond Gear company added certificates to the winner of the street stock and pure stock features. Ed Tapp and Company (Bellefontaine), Schaffers Body Shop (Kenton), Cars Plus (Kenton) and Whitakers Scrap Yard (Kenton) added cash bonuses to the modifieds, tuners, street stocks and compact classes.

The Curt Frazier Tribute late model feature saw Buddy Townsend lead the first eight laps before losing the lead to Urbana resident Mike Ward. Ward set a torrid pace and went on to win his third feature of the season and second in two weeks. Columbus driver Jacob Muncy set quick time and caught Ward in the waning laps but had to settle for second.

In pure stocks, Rob Bryant of Sidney continued his hot streak as he set fast time and won the feature. The win was the fifth of the season for Bryant.

Sidney’s Rodney Roush won the street stocks 20-lap feature as he led all laps in his Chevelle. The win was the fourth of the season for Roush and his second in the last two races.

This Saturday will be “Kids Night.” There will be big wheel races, penny scramble and free back packs with school items packed inside. In addition Main Event Wrestling will be on hand to entertain the youngsters. It will also be the last points race of the season.

The late models, modifieds, street stocks, pure stocks, tuners, compacts and spectator drag races are all on the schedule. Racing is set to start at 7.

Shady Bowl Speedway

Saturday results

Late Models

Fast qualifier: Jacob Muncy 13.171

Dash winner: Jacob Muncy

Heat race winners: Jesse Gade and Russ Bobb

Feature 35 lap Curt Frazier Tribute — 1. Mike Ward 2. Jacob Muncy 3. Buddy Townsend 4. Jim Lewis Jr. 5. Brian Reeser 6. Caleb Reschar 7. Jesse Gade 8. Russ Bobb 9. Brad Coons 10. Vaughn Young 11. Scott Sullenberger 12. Kenny George Jr. 13. Curt Frazier.


Fast qualifier: Logan McPherson 13.758

Dash Winner: Brian Brandyberry

Heat Winner: Brad Yelton

Feature 30 laps: 1. Mike Carroll 2. Chris Parker 3. Daniel McPherson 4. Brad Yelton 5. Herb Newman 6. Brian Brandyberry 7. Rob Dutra 8. Chris Prater 9. Larry Kemp 10. Logan McPherson 11. Andy Bohn.

Street Stocks

Fast qualifier: Shawn Stansell 14.681

Dash winner: Jim Lewis Jr.

Heat winners: Richard Roush and Tim Hines

Feature, Richmond Gear 25: 1. Rodney Roush 2. Nic Burnside 3. Josh Longstreth 4. Mike South Jr. 5. Chris Abbott 6. Shawn Stansell 7. Rob Schaeff 8. Jim Lewis Jr. 9. Robert Roush 10. Tim Hines 11. Richard Roush 12. Buck Purtee 13. Mark Smith 14. Rob Sharpe


Fast qualifier: Jimmy McElfresh 16.829

Dash winner: Larry Adams

Heat race: Chris Lucas

Feature: 1. Jimmy McElfresh 2. Larry Adams 3. Zac Doolin 4. Josh Foltz 5. Joel Neese 6. Nicholas Meade 7. Chris Lucas 8. Damion Killen 9. Dean Adams

Pure Stocks

Fast qualifier: Rob Bryant 16.474

Dash winner: Jason Purtee

Feature Richmond Gear 20: 1. Rob Bryant 2. Jason Purtee 3. Lane Crabtree 4. John Eastman 5. Jeff Binkley


Fast qualifier: Austin Eaton 15.269

Dash: Matt Jackson

Feature 20 laps: 1. Austin Eaton 2. Terry Eaton Jr, 3. Matt Jackson 4. Jacob Muncy 5. Bill Honious 6. Cody Robertson 7. Eddie Kemp

Spectator Drag Races — 1. Steven Green 2. John Gendrow



WAYNESFIELD – Now retired, Jack Hewitt chooses to spend his days watching the next generation of drivers make their mark on the sport of dirt track racing. The hall of famer, who had more than 260 victories in his career, was honored for his hard work and dedication to the sport Saturday night at Waynesfield Raceway Park.

The yearly event brings together many of the best open-wheel drivers throughout the Midwest wanting to add their name to a win list.

The non-wing sprint cars headlined the Jack Hewitt Classic racing for a $3.000 payday. The 30 lap A-main was led to green by Thomas Meseraull and Matt Goodnight. Meseraull took the lead into turn one and began to establish the lead in the opening laps. By lap five, Meseraull had a three-second lead over the field.

Dustin Stroup made his way into second spot ready to make a run on Meseraull. The distance between Meseraull and Stroup began to shrink as Meseraull got deep into lap traffic slowing his momentum. As laps began to wind down, Meseraull found the cushion and managed to push through heavy lap traffic. The push allowed Meseraull’s distance over Stroup to increase. Leading every lap of the A-main, Meseraull took home the victory by 4.1 seconds over Stroup.

Waynesfield Raceway Park is back in action Saturday night, with all five weekly classes as the point chase nears the end. Pit side gates open at 4 p.m., grandstands at 5, hot laps get underway at 6 and racing follows at 7 p.m.

Waynesfield Raceway Park

Non Wings

Heat winners — Kyle Simon, Thomas Mezzeraul, Scotty Weir, Dustin Stroup.

Dash winner — Thomas Mezzeraul

B-Main 1 (12 Laps) — 1. 87-Paul Dues.

A-Main 1 (30 Laps) — 1. Thomas Mezzeraul; 2. Dustin Stroup; 3. Kyle Simon; 4. Matt Westfall; 5. Kody Swanson; 6. Luke Hall; 7. Cooper Clouse; 8. Scotty Weir; 9. Chris Window; 10. Chad Wilson.

AMSA Mini Sprints

Heat winners — Kobe Allison, Ty Tilton, Christopher Whipple, Corey Bedwell.

B-Main 1 (10 Laps) — Gage Etgen.

A-Main 1 (20 Laps) — 1. Brad Racer; 2. Christopher Whipple; 3. Ty Tilton; 4. Gunnar Lucius; 5. Gage Etgen ; 6. Chris Bounds; 7. Frank Beck; 8. Anthony Haas ; 9. Ron Kimmel ; 10. Dylan Troyer.

UMP Modified

Heat winners — Zach Schroeder, Josh Scott, Scottie Williams, Scott Gerdeman.

Dash — Weasel Phlipot.

B-Main 1 (10 Laps) — Casey Luedeke.

A-Main 1 (20 Laps) — 1. Josh Scott; 2. Scott Gerdeman; 3. Weasel Phlipot; 4. Brent Hole; 5. Zach Schroeder; 6. Scottie Williams; 7. Jerry Bowersock ; 8. Bill Keeler; 9. Ernie Gingerich ; 10. Casey Luedeke.