Four tie for top scoresin Oaks Ladies League


Staff report

The Shelby Oaks Ladies got in their weekly round at the local golf course on Wednesday, with 20 players taking part in “low gross on par 3s and par 5s.”

The first and second flights played on the west course and the third and fourth flights on the south course.

The first flight ended in a four-way tie, with Ellen Joslin, Karen Dickman, Deb Goffena and Pris Reier all finishing with 19.

Marcia Shaffer won the second flight, Rita Brinkman the third flight and Mary Lou Berning the fourth flight.

Following are the results:

First flight — 1. (tie) Ellen Joslin, Karen Dickman, Deb Goffena and Pris Reier, all with 19.

Second flight — 1. Marcia Shaffer 20, 2. (tie) Barb Rogers and Sandy Weaver 23, 4. Jeanne Thompson 24.

Third flight — 1. Rita Brinkman 20, 2. Lea Muhlenkamp 25, 3. Roxie Shephard 28, 4. Linda Spangler 29.

Fourth flight — 1. Mary Lou Berning 27, 2. Joyce Goubeaux 28, 3. Meggan Weaver 29.


Senior men

The Shelby Oaks Senior Men’s League also played this week, with 71 participants playing “low team putts.”

The winning team on the south course was Bob Enneking, Tim Baumann, Terry Knasel and Jerry Schmiesing with 70 putts.

Winning on the north course was the team of Ed Johnson, Mark Hughes, Lee Woodruff and Orrin Tucker with a score of 57.

And winning on the west course was the team of Steve Schroeder, Norm Smith, Paul Bremke and Bill Monnier with a score of 64.