Berning’s bucket on heard far and wide on Tuesday

Huge audience listened to the Fort Loramie at Versailles thriller

Staff report

The Dec. 27 basketball game on featured made shots in the final ten seconds by Justin Ahrens of Versailles and Wyatt Bensman of Anna that were enjoyed by listeners inside and outside the United States.

On Tuesday at the Tigers’ gym, the game-tying 3-pointer by Fort Loramie’s Evan Berning with only .9 of a second left was also “a shot heard around the world” on SCORES.

In addition, the play-by-play description of Berning’s 22-footer connected with more listeners “at the end of a game” than SCORES has ever attracted in the regular season in its dozen year history. Only the close of the Jackson Center girls state semifinal last March drew a bigger audience, according to Todd VanTassel, who coordinates the hosting and serving for the online play-by-play website at Christian NetCast in Virginia.

SCORES is the Shelby County Online Radio Entertainment System. Annually, it webcasts 120 games featuring teams in the Shelby County Athletic League and the Midwest Athletic Conference.

VanTassel detailed that nearly 1,800 IP addresses listened to the terrific finish of the audio stream on Tuesday. A packed house of 2,200 fans witnessed the contest in person at the beautiful Versailles gymnasium.

Emails from Tuesday night’s online users in Europe and throughout the US were received by the website’s published address late that evening and on Wednesday and Thursday.

Two weeks before, approximately 1,600 IP addresses joined SCORES for most of the second half and the final moment of the great Anna-Versailles game.

“Justin’s game-winning basket in late December and Evan’s triple that tied up Tuesday’s contest were a play-by-play guy’s dream,” said Jack Kramer of “In calling the exciting last seconds of each contest, I probably made many, many syllables out of the phrase, ‘It’s gooooood. It’s gooooood,’ ”

The Internet would have spread the word ‘touchdown” far and wide if it existed back in 1995 when Versailles edged Bellaire, 50- 44, in two overtimes. Brad Schuette scored on a fourth down, one yard run to break the tie and win the three-and-a-half hour thriller for a Tigers’ state title.

“That was the most fun and enjoyment I have ever experienced covering a high school football game. For sure, the most hyped up I’ve ever been,” Kramer said. “My voice paid for it, too.”

The laryngitis, which returned two weeks ago after Ahrens’ buzzer beater at Anna, is back again this week.

“Thank goodness, today’s Internet— without any extra effort on the announcer’s part— enables the voice to travel loud and clear to west central Ohioans who might happen to be thousands and thousands of miles away,” Kramer said.

He and Chuck McBee, the other half of the SCORES announce team, plan to be many miles from home this weekend covering local teams. Weather permitting, they will be at Berlin Hiland near Canton on Saturday morning for the Minster vs. Sheridan girls game at the Classic in the Country. Webcast time is 9:45 a.m.

On Sunday at 1 p.m., will be present for the Sidney vs. Versailles boys contest at the Flyin’ to the Hoop event in Kettering.

A Shelby County League showdown between Anna and Fort Loramie is set for Friday night, Jan. 12. The Rockets return to play another band of Redskins, St. Henry, in a game covered on Saturday evening.

One or more these webcasts could be affected by a possible winter storm.

Huge audience listened to the Fort Loramie at Versailles thriller

Staff report