School renewal levy: Q and A

Editor’s note: In advance of the upcoming election, the Sidney Daily News will publish a question each week that will provide readers with information about the levy that will be on the ballot in support of Sidney City Schools. Questions and answers are provided by Sidney City Schools.

How does Sidney City Schools’ spending compare to neighboring districts?

Sidney is situated at the north section of the Miami Valley I-75 corridor. In order to get and keep high-quality staff, we must compete against like school districts going down I-75 to Dayton and beyond. For this purpose, we are comparing against Piqua, Troy and Vandalia — all similar in size and operation to Sidney City Schools. These same districts provide a comparable barometer with regard to student spending as well.

Sidney City Schools exercises responsible spending of taxpayer money. When compared with neighboring districts, Sidney City Schools provides instruction at a per-pupil rate lower than all of the comparative schools.

Following is a respective comparison of district total expenditure per pupil and instructional expenditure per pupil: (statewide average, $11,603; $6,739) (Sidney, $9,922; $6,106) (Piqua*, $11,724; $7,000) (Troy, $10,823; $6,856) (Vandalia, $11,070; $6,315).

Sidney City Schools’ average teacher salary, while competitive, is below the state average. 2017 data shows state average, $60,432; Sidney, $58,468; Piqua, $57,974; Troy, $60,910; and Vandalia, $62,188. Likewise, Sidney’s average administrative salary is competitive and within range of our neighboring districts. 2017 data shows state average, $80,981; Sidney, $84,933; Piqua, $86,858; Troy, $95,580; and Vandalia, $63,583.

Prudent financial management in recent years has put our district in a place of financial stability; however, with ever increasing operating costs and no additional funding, the passage of this renewal is imperative to continued stability.

*Piqua City Schools is one of the most similar districts to Sidney City Schools in all of Ohio in regards to size, demographics, community, etc. All data via 2017 Cupp Report, which can be found on the Ohio Department of Education website.

For more information, visit or call Superintendent Bob Humble at 497-2200.