Zhou places at MathCounts competition

SIDNEY — Sidney Middle School sixth-grade student Nobel Zhou recently competed in the 2015 MathCounts Competition at the University of Dayton. Eighteen schools from the region participated at this event hosted by the Dayton Chapter of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, with 110 Mathletes competing for top individual and team honors. Statewide, more than 2,300 students take part in this competition.

The competition consisted of three official scoring rounds and the unofficial Countdown Round. In the Sprint Round, students worked individually to answer 30 questions in 40 minutes. In the Target Round, students worked independently to answer four pairs of questions with only six minutes to answer each pair. The final competition was the Team Round where students worked in teams of four to answer 10 questions in 20 minutes. The Countdown Round was a fast-paced round where the top twelve students faced off, head-to-head, in test of speed and accuracy. The Countdown Round was held for fun and did not determine the overall competition winner or advancement to the State Competition.

Awards were given for the top six schools and coach, top six individuals and coach, and top four students in the Countdown Round. Sidney Middle School’s Zhou earned Third Place Individual, First Place Countdown Round and State Individual 5.

The top two teams and top six individuals, including Zhou, advanced to the State MathCounts competition, which was held at the Columbus State Community College in March. Zhou finished 42nd in the state competition out of approximately 250 students from across Ohio who competed at the state level.

For more information on MathCounts, visit: http://www.mathcounts.org/. For more information on the Ohio MathCounts competition, visit: http://ohioengineer.com/index.php/Students-Educators/MATHCOUNTS.