Out of the past

100 years

June 12, 1915

About 400 former students of Sidney High School were present at the banquet last evening held in the new school building. Miss Kate Munford, dean at National Park Seminary near Washington D.C., gave an interesting and entertaining address. The welcome to the new class of graduates was given by R. Hugh Bingham.


An auto driven by Tom Van Etten and a horse and buggy driven by Charles Arbogast collided on the road about three miles south of Sidney last evening. Both the auto and buggy turned over but luckily all the occupants escaped serious injury. In the auto driven by Mr. Etten, their daughter, Margaret, Mrs. Franklin Mumford, and Mrs. W.M. Crozier. Mrs. Arbogast was in the buggy with her husband.

75 years

June 12, 1940

“Every hospital bed is full.” This was the statement this morning by Mrs. Mary J. Taylor, superintendent of Wilson Memorial Hospital. “This is the first time this has happened since the new Sherman Key Memorial wing was completed. Up until today we have been able to have at least one bed in reserve for emergency when all available space was in use.


A Big Four wrecking crew removed an oil tank car from the switch tracks to the north of the plant of the Evans Johnson Co. on North Main avenue yesterday afternoon. The car had been knocked off the tracks onto the sidewalk while the local train was doing some switching.

50 years

June 12, 1965

JACKSON CENTER — Jackson Center held its 37th Alumni on Saturday June 5 in honor of the members of the 1965 graduating class. Mr. Charles Foster, superintendent, introduced the class and they were welcomed into the Alumni .New officers were approved :Walter Ambos, president: Merle Leninger, vice-president: Carmon Haas, secretary-treasurer.


Rev. Rutherford H. Nicodemus, 88, former pastor of the Trinity Church of the Brethren, Sidney, died Friday at 7:45 a.m. at the Church of Brethren home in Greenville. Rev. Nicodemus served the Sidney congregation from 1932 to 1935.

25 years

June 12, 1990

With a hop and three small steps, area couples bring back memories of their German heritage and combine it with their worship services. Polka dances and Catholic Masses with religious songs in the polka beat are popular in western Shelby County, southwestern Auglaize County and into eastern Darke County. Polka dances are held regularly at several halls in the area.


WASHINGTON — Congress is bracing itself for hard-core politics in an election-year renewal of the flag-burning issue now that the Supreme Court overturned a flag protection law. Congressional Democratic leaders strongly oppose amending the Constitution to ban flag burning . With flag burning no longer a federal crime since the court’s action some said a vote for a constitutional ban would be politically irresistible just a few months before the fall congressional elections.