City record

Police log


-11:56 p.m.: criminal damaging. A window in the residence of Angela Evans, 230 Jefferson St., was broken. Loss was $200.

-10:16 p.m.: criminal damaging. Amie Baker, 222 N. Pomeroy Ave., reported an unidentified juvenile cracked the glass in a window at her residence. Loss was $25.

-7:42 p.m.: warrant. Police arrested Kalin Spencer, 32, at large, at 900 Wapakoneta Ave. on a parole violation.

-4:55 p.m.: domestic violence. Police arrested William E. Cook Jr., 67, 515 1/2 N. West Ave., on a charge of domestic violence. He allegedly assaulted Heather Daniels, of the same address. She had an apparent minor injury.

-3:39 p.m.: theft. Cash was stolen from the residence of Connie Poeppelman, 1199 Abbott Circle. Less than $20 was believed stolen.

-12:03 p.m.: warrant. Police arrested Joshua A. Baker, 21, 2313 Collins Drive, Apt. H, on a warrant from Sidney Municipal Court.

-9:38 a.m.: theft. Sarah Reinhard, of Troy, reported someone stole her diamond wedding/engagement ring set, valued at $2,198, from her desk at her place of employment, New Generation by Rogys, 2280 Industrial Drive.

-8 a.m.: disorderly conduct. Police charged Ida Mills, 21, 1579 E. Court St., Apt. B, and a juvenile with disorderly conduct. They allegedly were in a physical altercation in the area of Brooklyn Avenue and Court Street and were yelling profanities.

-3:04 a.m.: unruly juvenile. A man reported a juvenile left the residence without his permission.


-10:39 p.m.: driving under the influence. Police arrested Zachary J. Van Auken, 30, 503 Monroe St., at Court Street and Brooklyn Avenue on a charge of driving under the influence.

-5:54 p.m.: theft. Personnel at Menards reported a water heater, valued at $699, was stolen from the store.

-2:22 p.m.: theft. Britany Lowe, 732 Broadway Ave., reported a pair of sandals, valued at $45, was stolen from 500 N. Vandemark Road.

-8:26 a.m.: warrant. Police arrested David Cathcart, 33, of Piqua, at North Street and Oak Avenue on a warrant from Miami County. When police searched Cathcart, they found alleged heroin. Cathcart was charged with possession of drugs and a drug abuse instrument. Police took him to the county line and turned him over to a Miami County Sheriff’s deputy.

-6:58 a.m.: physical control of vehicle. Police arrested Seth W. Bowling, 29, 8666 Wright-Puthoff Road, at 317 Folkerth Ave. on a charge of having physical control of a vehicle while being under the influence of alcohol above the 0.08 legal limit.

-1:42 a.m.: burglary. Stacey Ward, 414 N. Walnut Ave., Apt. C, reported food, lottery tickets and a heater, valued at $166, were stolen from her residence.

-12:23 p.m.: disorderly conduct and drug abuse. Police arrested Jimmy D. Pultz Jr., 31, 233 W. Poplar St., on charges of disorderly conduct, drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.


-9:51 p.m.: contempt. Police arrested Jesse T. Combs, 29, at large, on a warrant.

-9:02 p.m.: criminal damaging. A rear side window on the vehicle of Stacey Goffena, 327 Windsor Parke Drive, was shot, apparently with a BB gun, and broken in the driveway of the residence.

-8:58 p.m.: property found. A bicycle found at Harmon Field was given to police.

-8:49 p.m.: property found. Keys were found and given to police.

-3:57 a.m.: warrant. Police arrested Brandon Travis, 20, 4040 Russia-Versailles Road, Houston, on a warrant from Miami County.

-1:49 a.m.: probation violation. Police arrested Che J. Riegel, 39, 1000 Evergreen Drive, on a probation violation warrant from Sidney Municipal Court.

-1:27 a.m.: breaking and entering. A window in the concession stand at the Sidney municipal swimming pool was damaged. Loss was $25.


-12:13 p.m.: assault and criminal damaging. Police served a summons to Gina Bailey, 45, of Union City, Ohio, for assault and a summons to Mandy R. Sharp, 37, 1465 E. Court St., Apt. C, for criminal damaging. Bailey allegedly assaulted Sharp and Sharp allegedly dented and scuffed the fender of a car owned by Nathan Sharp, 241 N. Pomeroy Ave. Mandy Sharp had an apparent minor injury.

-11:30 a.m.: violation of protection order. Jayleen Branscum, 124 N. Pomeroy Ave., reported violation of a protection order.

-10:31 a.m.: theft. Police arrested Michael Kemme, 34, 202 N. Walnut Ave., on a theft charge. He allegedly stole a bottle of vodka, valued at $2.59, from the City Carryout, 132 N. Ohio Ave.

-9:21 a.m.: telephone harassment. Evalee Branscum, 407 E. Lyndhurst St., reported telephone harassment.

-1:16 a.m.: assault. A juvenile reported being assaulted at 319 E. Court St. The victim had apparent minor injuries.


-9:41 p.m.: burglary. Timothy Russell, 552 Rauth St., reported an attempted burglary at his residence. A window screen was damaged, causing a $20 loss.

-2:10 p.m.: criminal damaging. Mandy R. Sharp, 1465 E. Court St., Apt. C, reported the windshield of her car was damaged. Loss was $100. Police charged Edwin L. Wilson, 40, 327 Linden Ave., with criminal damaging in connection with the incident.

-2:07 p.m.: menacing. Ray E. Fisher, of Wapakoneta, reported someone threatened him at 999 Buckeye Ave.


Brittany A. Davis, 28, 410 Belmont St., was cited with a traffic light violation after an accident Thursday at 12:47 p.m.

Davis was northbound on Main Avenue and ran a red traffic light at the North Street intersection. Her auto collided with a pickup truck driven by Rita Zirkle, 18, 320 Blue St., DeGraff, that was westbound on North. The truck then struck a traffic signal pole at the street corner.

• George L. Murphy, 71, 10806 Little Turtle Way, was cited with failure to maintain an assured clear distance after an accident Sunday at 5:20 p.m.

Murphy was westbound on Michigan Street and struck the rear of a car that was stopped westbound on Michigan at a red traffic signal at Folkerth Avenue. The driver of the other vehicle was Helen Hovestreydt-Scott, 46, 211 Stewart Drive.

• Tabatha Murphy, 43, 522 E. Court St., was cited with improper backing after an accident Sunday at 5:15 p.m.

Murphy was backing from her driveway into the 100 block of Brooklyn Avenue and did not see a car behind her that was stopped in traffic. The Murphy auto hit a car driven by Jerri Drees, 54, 311 S. Main Ave.

Fire, rescue


-1:17 to 6:08 a.m.: Medics responded to two calls.


-4:54 p.m.: gas odor. Firefighters were called to 736 Countryside St. on a report of a gas odor. They did not find any problem.

-12:13 p.m.: gasoline odor. Firefighters were called to the area of County Road 25A and Interstate 75 on a report of a gasoline odor. They did not find any problem.

-10:07 a.m.: odor. Firefighters were called to 124 N. Ohio Ave. to investigate an odor.

-4:11 a.m.: alarm. Firefighters were called to 1150 W. Russell Road by a fire alarm. It was a false alarm caused by a malfunction.

-3:44 a.m. to 11:43 p.m.: Medics responded to 13 calls.

-3:03 a.m.: alarm. Firefighters were called to 1150 W. Russell Road by a fire alarm. It was a false alarm caused by a malfunction.


-4:29 p.m.: mutual aid. Firefighters provided mutual aid to Lockington Fire at a barn fire in the 600 block of Miami Conservancy Road.

-11:12 a.m.: alarm. Firefighters were called to 230 E. Poplar St. by a fire alarm. Steam had activated a smoke detector in a kitchen. There was no fire.

-8:46 a.m. to 9:16 p.m.: Medics responded to six calls.