Thanks for enhancing Sidney

To the editor:

First of all, I wish to thank Mayor Barhorst, the City Council, and all those responsible for the remarkable progress in getting the streets of Sidney back to where they should be. There is still much to be done, but it is so heartening to see what has already taken place.

Next, again, I would like to thank Mayor Mike Barhorst and his “fellow student,” Anne Sharp for taking part in the Tree Commission Academy. So, this morning, I was delighted to read about the concentration of their efforts in regard to tree planting in the newest Plum Ridge neighborhood where I live.

In my morning walks around our neighborhood, I am amazed by the number of lovely new homes whose owners choose not to plant any trees in either their front or back yards. I have often thought of putting fliers in mailboxes urging our neighbors to plant trees in order to beautify our neighborhood. I live in a “covenant community” where all landscaping chores such as mowing, snow removal, etc. are taken care of. This includes leaf pick up in the fall. And yet many of our residents choose not to plant any trees! It is a known fact that trees enhance the beauty of homes, increases the value of them, and very importantly they are good for our environment.

So, again, thanks for calling attention to the dearth of trees in our neighborhood and your plans to help us help Sidney become the beautiful town it was meant to be!

Sandy Monnin