For common sense leadership, vote Larger


To the editor:

Coming from a large family, we often have some spirited debates around our parents’ kitchen table. And with our parents instilling in us the values of hard work and standing up for what you believe, you can imagine the passion each of our siblings brings to his or her position. But whether we’re talking faith, or politics, or anything in between, the one thing you can expect from our brother, Jacob Larger, is a common sense, steady approach to the issues at hand. Always the good student in the family, Jacob knows every issue backwards and forwards, and if he doesn’t, he has never been too proud to rely on others for their expertise. But beyond being intelligent, Jacob has a thoughtfulness about him that sets him apart from your typical candidates for an office like state representative.

It is for this reason we hope you will vote for Jacob Larger at the Republican primary on August 2nd. While so many candidates can talk a good game, Jacob has demonstrated through years of experience working in and around government that he has the knowledge and temperament to actually get things done in Columbus. Add to that the work ethic gained from growing up helping out on our grandparents’ farms and we know Jacob isn’t afraid of doing the hard work to get the job done. In today’s social media age, it is rare to find a candidate who is not only hard working, but also one who has the know-how to move the needle for Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Small-Government conservative policies. So if you want someone that will work hard to bring some common sense to our government, vote Jacob Larger for State Representative.

The Larger Siblings (Nathan, Angela, Lucas & Samuel)

New Bremen

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