Their View: Summer vacation


This month as I was contemplating what to write about, I posed the following question to several members of the Senior Center of Sidney-Shelby County. “What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say.. JULY?”

The responses ranged from hot, picnics, birthdays and fireworks. There was one that caught my attention and it was: vacations.

Summer vacations were not something we really did as I was growing up on a small farm outside of Port Jefferson. Daddy worked a lot and taking time off was not something he did very often. The only time in July he would take off work was during the GREAT Shelby County Fair when I was showing my horses.

My husband and I used to take a weekend vacation every July to celebrate our wedding anniversary, it was never very far away but always fun. We have gone to Cumberland Falls, Put-In-Bay and Gatlinburg to name a few. Once we had kids we tended to do things that were more kid friendly and a lot of times it included water. Whether it was camping for a week along the Miami River or spending a week in Florida at my sister’s condo.

Florida was their favorite, mainly because of the ocean and condo pool provided endless fun for them. My husband went para-sailing one year. He tried to get me to do it and I refused. I can’t swim and I was not interested in being that high up in the sky. I enjoyed the beach, sitting under the shade tent and reading a book while the kids and he swam and dived down for sand dollars or shells.

We did the family Disney trip when our oldest was 5 years old. It was fun, but wow was it exhausting! We did 4 parks in 4 days and by day 5 we were all ready for a lazy day by the hotel pool. We have tons of pictures of that trip, which is a good thing because my son says he doesn’t remember most of it. I know he had fun based on the smile he had when taking pictures with Mickey Mouse!

When the boys were older we went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a week and rented a cabin in the mountains. This was one of my favorite vacations because of the variety of things to do and places to go.

Summer vacations don’t always have to be to some special destination location to be fun and/or relaxing. The term “staycation” is becoming more popular lately, especially due to rising costs of everything. I enjoy these too, especially as I get older.

Some of the perks are:

No cramming a ton of clothes into a suitcase and then worrying that you forgot to pack something.

No headaches in terms of booking transportation, accommodations or excursions. You can just chill at home, order food in if you don’t want to cook and perhaps work on a few special projects you haven’t had time to complete.

“Staycations” can also include short day trips to local parks or attractions, maybe you enjoy thrifting or antique shopping. There are lots of places within a 50 miles radius you can enjoy and still be home in your own comfy bed by nightfall.

Vacations come in many versions, whether large and expensive or small and affordable. In my mind a vacation is simply a time in which I can escape from the regular day to day routine. It is a time to unplug from the chaos of the world, slow down and spend a day without looking at the clock or cell phone.

I enjoy being outside, so spending time in one of our beautiful local parks reading a book sounds pretty good to me. Perhaps I will take some time for a “staycation” of my own this summer and disappear to a shady spot at Tawawa Park.

Whatever your summer plans are, I hope you find time to slow down and relax. Make time for yourself and tell the outside world you are unavailable for a few days. Enjoy!

I want to take this time to remind everyone of the Senior Day at the GREAT Shelby County Fair on Tuesday, July 23. Stop by the Free Entertainment Tent BEFORE 11 a.m. to register for a FREE lunch. Registration opens at 9 a.m., vendor booths at 9:30, Bingo at 10 and our very own Senior Center Singers Choir will be entertaining everyone in the tent at 11. Awards will be handed out to the Oldest Gentleman, Most Mature Lady and Longest Married Couple at 11:30 with lunch being served at noon. We hope to see you there!

Stop down by the Senior Center for a tour and two FREE visits. See first hand all that we have to offer!

Until I see you at the Center, gave a blessed day!

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