St. Remy’s Hall to host blood drive

CBC “Be The Good” stoneware coffee mug.

CBC “Be The Good” stoneware coffee mug.

RUSSIA — The “Be The Good” stoneware coffee mug is a gift to everyone who registers to donate at the St. Remy’s Hall spring community blood drive Tuesday, April 17, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 101 Remy St.

Community Blood Center encourages donors to schedule an appointment online at or call 800-388-GIVE.

The traditional April and August blood drives sponsored by St. Remy Catholic Church are among the largest in Shelby County. The 2017 St. Remy’s Hall blood drives totaled 354 donors, including 320 whole blood donations and 24 platelet and plasma donations.

CBC is honoring St. Remy’s Hall with the Gold award for blood drive excellence in the 2017 LifeSaving Ambassadors Club for reaching 98 percent of collection goals.

The “Be The Good” campaign recognizes donors as a special force for good in the world. The message honors their kindness and encourages everyone to consider donating as a way to do good for others.

The red, campfire style stoneware mug features a block letter design with “Be The Good” in solid white lettering as an anagram of the “Believe There is Good in the World” message in outlined letters. It’s free to everyone who registers to donate at a CBC Donor Center or most CBC mobile blood drives now through April 28.

CBC is looking for more platelet and plasma donors in 2018. The automated process of giving platelets and plasma is called “apheresis” and the number of these special donors is dwindling. CBC’s most dedicated donors are aging, with about 53 percent of the donor base now over the age of 50.

Platelet and plasma donations are essential to the treatment and survival of trauma, cancer, transplant, and blood disorder patients.

CBC is calling on young people to become the “next generation of donors” and asking new and current donors to help CBC meet the challenges of the future by becoming apheresis donors.

CBC “Be The Good” stoneware coffee mug. “Be The Good” stoneware coffee mug.