Greenville Rotary volunteers at Darke County Fair

GREENVILLE — Rotarians from the Greenville Chapter of Rotary International prepared for the opening of The Great Darke County Fair 2018 with the Rotary Lemon Shake Up Stands training taking place in lieu of their normally scheduled meeting on Tuesdays at noon.

“The Lemon Shake Up Stands are the primary fund raising source for us,” said Gavin Glasscoe, current president of Rotary.

“This source of funds is a large part of our grant process and scholarships awards given each year.”

Nearly one hundred volunteers are needed to person the two lemon shake up stands. Rotarian Brad Feldner, of Manix Construction, trained new members of the Greenville Rotary on how to work the Shake Up stands.

Feldner has been responsible for training and scheduling the members and volunteers needed to operate the trailers for over four years.

“We can’t thank Brad enough, along with our other members, for their tireless work done before, during, and after The Great Darke County Fair,” Glasscoe said.

Rotary is held every Tuesday at the Brethren Retirement Community Chestnut Street Village Center at noon. If you are interested in becoming a Rotarian and their service to the community, please contact Christy Bugher of the United Way or Roger M. Van Frank at the Darke County Park District for further information.