‘Christmas in Britain’ at WACO Museum

TROY — Bill Albers will present a free WACO Lecture Series talk, “Christmas in Britain during World War II,” Dec. 13, at 7 p.m. in the WACO Air Museum, 1865 W. county Road 25A, Troy.

The lecture covers the Christmas traditions of the British people before and during WWII. The life of the British, especially the Londoners, was very difficult during the five years of war, and it was very different from life in the U.S.

The lecture will cover the declaration of war with Germany, the Battle of Britain, the evacuation of 338,000 British and French soldiers from the Dunkirk beaches in France and the daily bombing of the large English cities during the Blitz. The British fought for survival during the war and were determined not to surrender and be occupied by the Germans.

During these difficult years, the British attempted to celebrate the Christmas holidays without their traditional food and presents.

Albers was born in Amsterdam in 1940 and, as a child, survived a five-year German occupation. He served in the Royal Dutch Air Force as a jet aircraft mechanic and earned a degree in mechanical engineering before coming to the U.S. in 1965, becoming a citizen in 1977. He is the Champaign Aviation Museum curator.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit and English traditions, complimentary tea and “biscuits” will be served.

For information, call 937-335-9226 or visit www.wacoairmuseum.org.