Real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that were recorded in Shelby County in September and October. Listed is who sold the property to whom, where the property is located and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website at


Gary Spicer to Marian Spicer, 10141 Hoying Road, no amount.

Wilma Couchot (dec.) to Elli Withrow, 708 E. Mason Road, no amount.

Barbara Fogt (dec.) to Willis Fogt, 17521 Montra Road, no amount.


Evan Maurer to Evan Maurer and Ashleigh Maurer, 101 E. State St., no amount.

Lisa Maurer Hoewischer, trustee, to Lynn and Nancy Maurer, 13990 Lock 2 Road, $56,249.

Fort Loramie

Buckeye Partners Investment to BK Point Properties LLC, 10 W. Park St., $159,680.

Miren R. Wical to Lucinda Wical, state Route 66 lot, no amount.

Ralph and Carol Fleckenstein to Ryan and Lauren Grillot, state Route 66 lot, no amount.

Benjamin and Patricia Hickerson to Benjamin and Cristina Hickerson, 9821 Friemering Road, no amount.


Shawn and Christina Shultz to Amanda Lichtenberg, et al, 2942 Jerome Drive, $98,500.

Terry Presser to Terry and Darla Presser, 3663 State Route 66, no amount.

Jackson Center

David Pitts to Scott Hostetler, 215 West St., $133,500.

Gregory Baker to James Christman, 510 James St., $163,000.

Wilbur Lorton (dec.) to Terri Flatter, 17753 Montra Road, no amount.


Travis and Kathy Snow to Paula Tubb, 666 Cross St., Piqua (south half of lot in village of Lockington), $78,000.


Carol Poppe (dec.) to James Poppe, 20015 State Route 119, no amount.


Orville Chambers (dec.) to Helen Chambers, 12429 State Route 362, no amount.


Nancy Wood, trustee, to Bryan Drees, 1266 State Route 47, $148,000.

Brent and Elizabeth Schulze to Nicolas and Stephanie Fullenkamp, 1701 Fessler-Buxton Road, $180,000.

Wayne and Elaine Goubeaux, trustee, to Wayne and Elaine Goubeaux, Voisard Street lot, no amount.

Deborah Timmerman, et al, to Nancy Wood, trustee, 110 Park St., $298,000.

Ricky McVety to Derek Adams and Brittany Maniaci, 1020 Kelch Road, $154,400.

Scott Monnin and Hannah Robeyzachariah to Danielle Francis, 114 S. Liberty St., $149,500.


Mutual Federal to KARSS Group LLC, 629 Fielding Road, $54,500.

Danny and Anna Miller to John Walter, 219 Maple St., $54,000.

Karen Pritchard, et al, to Francine and Kenneth Clegg, 1702 N. Main Ave., $130,000.

Laurell and Brenda Clark to Starc Properties LLC, Brooklyn Avenue lot, $40,000.

Burtice Bowling to Cathy Beigel, trustee, 3674 Millcreek Road, no amount.

John and Kathleen Graham to Good Samaritan Home Inc., 516 N. Ohio Ave., $115,000.

William Foust (dec.) to Rodney Malott and Leatha Schutte, West Avenue lot, $18,000.

Nitaben Patel to Donald and Patricia Boerger, 1170 St. Clair Drive, $374,500.

Nicholas Berchtold to Rita Schloss, 945 Fair Road, no amount.

Jill and Scott Bittinger to Julie Stewart, 318 E. Ruth St., $154,000.

Mary Roark to Debbie Bodenmiller, Chestnut Avenue lot, $84,900.

Justin Blackford to Christopher Green, 302 S. Miami Ave., $75,000.

Joshua Heitman to Madison Paulus, 1455 Constitution Ave., $109,000.

Walter Gillman, trustee, to Walter Gillman, 18502 State Route 706, no amount.

William Gray (dec.) to Rosanne Gray, 620 East Ave., no amount.

Michael Meyer to Shelby County Land Reutilization Corp., 553 Culvert St., no amount.

Christopher and Marissa McCormick to Russel Fortener, 131 Gemini Drive, $155,000.

Kathy Sayre to Alvin Poore, 21222 Main St., $10,000.

Peter Goffena (dec.) to Bonnie Goffena, 9291 Lochard Road, no amount.

Michael and Joyce Goubeaux to Karen Davidson-Pritchard and Colin Pritchard, 703 Stratford Drive, $179,900.

T & B Martin Properties LLC to Michael Lochard, 220 N. Main (& 222) Ave., $12,655.

Olive Heintz to Susan Clark, 2310 Aldrin Drive, no amount.

Marla Geise to Robert and Toni Thorne, 1038 Autumn Place, $60,000.

Robert Motter, et al, to Erica Ewing, 234 Gemini Drive, $141,000.

Jody and Heather Daniels to Heather Daniels, 1021 Hayes St., no amount.

Patsy Kerber (dec.) to Ronald Kerber, 729 Chestnut Ave., no amount.

Erna Gierhart to Richard Rinehart, 1772 Shawnee Drive, $138,000.

Richard Rinehart to Erna Gierhart, 1772 Shawnee Drive, no amount.

Matthew Platfoot to William and Teresa Comer, 1333 Stephens Road, $155,000.

Robert and Susan Hull to Betty Cotterman, 639 St. Marys Ave., $74,500.

Patricia and Joseph Dunn to Lane Monnin, West Parkwood Street lot, $118,000.

Lori Wooddell to Habitat for Humanity of Miami and Shelby Counties, 525 Carey St., no amount.

Dolores Ludwig (dec.) to Penny Hendrickson, 1961 Fair Oaks Drive, $94,000.

Wells Drive LLC to Ruth Perry, 2260 Wells Drive, $174,000.

Jeremy and Lori Kuhn to IC Properties LLC, 330 Sixth Ave., no amount.

Logan and Rebecca McQueary to Brendan Kovar, 615 N. Ohio Ave., $99,000.

Thomas and Betty Wolfe to Betty Wolfe, 5670 Knoop-Johnston Road, no amount.

Charles Rembold (dec.) to Dolores Rembold, 1227 Sherwood Court, no amount.

Grace Echols, et al, to Anthony and Ashley Ombrello, 1628 Willow Place, $78,000.

Michael Cornett to US Bank National Association, 222 E. Bennett St., $64,600.

Nathan Monnin to Eric Ryder, 18680 State Route 47, $150,000.

Brandon Swiger and Ashley Swiger to Ashley Swiger, 2148 Victoria Court, no amount.

Washington Township

Robert and Joyce Robinson to David and Joy Davis, 1229 Aiken Road, Piqua, $230,000.

Estate of Bernard Allen to William Allen and Robert Allen, 8818 Lehman Road, Piqua, $85,000.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.