Real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that were recorded in Shelby County in September 2018. Listed is who sold the property to whom, where the property is located and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website at


Dorothy Scheu to Dorothy Scheu trustee, county Road 25A lot, no amount.

Dorothy Scheu to Dorothy Scheu trustee, 10909 County Road 25A, no amount.

Dorothy Scheu to Dorothy Scheu trustee, county Road 25A lot, no amount.

Tim Billing trustee to Jacob Schumpert, Linden Avenue lot, $89,000.

Tim Billing trustee to Jacob Schumpert, 201 South St., $89,000.

Brian and Robin Ison to Todd Shadley, 408 Tamala Ave., $160,000.

Jessica Edwards (Gross) to John Nunnally, 404 Millette Ave., $105,000.


Andrew Schmerge to Joseph Rayburn, 213 Edgewood St., $120,000.

Nicole Buehler to Jerry and Nicole Combs, 107 Mary St., no amount.

Fort Loramie

Timothy Denning to Robert Siegel et al, 57 S. Main St., $177,500.

Jackson Center

Village Capital and Investment LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 206 James St., no amount.

Wesley Jones to Andrew Gill, 405 S. Main St., $159,900.

Ryan Woolley to Scott Holthaus, 213 Robb Ave. (units A and B), $139,000.

William Dodds to Richard Lane, 214 Robb St., $126,900.


Travis Snow to Paula Tubb, 666 Cross Trail, $78,000.


Shreves Construction Co. to Robert Randolph Rose, 1215 Sherwood Court, $255,000.

Helen Schloss (dec.), to Robert Schloss (dec.), 945 Fair Road, no amount.

Greg and Scot Ocke to Patricia Shroyer, 201 Mercury Court, $126,000.

Steven Brown to Aaron Smith, 705 Arrowhead Drive, $146,000.

Tammi Risk to Loy Brown, 2141 Victoria Court, $199,900.

Jean Todd to Jarrett Brulport, 557 Grenelefe Court, $135,000.

Jacqueline Carey to Robert and Paige Holloway, 405 S. Wagner Ave., $91,000.

John Bricker to Daniel and Jonell Homer, 1740 Port Jefferson Road, $291,000.

Todd West to Whitney Hurley, 519 S. Franklin Ave., $80,500.

Mary Leonard to Serrette Jones, 312 Hall Ave., $120,000.

Orep LLC to Karss Group LLC, 629 Fielding Road, $54,500.

Carl Stallard to David Lodge, 1156 Huron Court, $32,500.

William Foust to Rodney Malott, 323 S. West Ave., $18,000.

Helen Schloss (dec.) to Robert Schloss (dec.), 945 Fair Road, no amount.

Mindy Geuy to Andrew and Kimberly Staffan, 1112 Spruce Ave., $188,000.

Clark Laurell to Starc Properties, 136 Brooklyn Ave., $40,000.

Kevin Copeland (executor of Francis Copeland estate) to Jace Stewart, 804 S. Walnut Ave., $92,000.

Brian Stock to Carolyn Stock, 620 N. Ohio Ave., no amount.

Karen Green to Nicholas and Jami Stoodt, 1238 Riverbend Blvd., $117,500.

Henry Ndeye to Nicole Subler, 718 Taft St., $115,000.

Community Property Group to Anthony and Logan Sutter, 441 Riverside Drive, $73,900.

Dorothy Cook to TDK Investments, 1867 Fair Oaks Drive, $53,000.

William Hamm to VBP Rentals 1 LLC, 516 Second Ave., $38,500.

Danny Miller to John Walter, 219 Maple St., $54,000.

Roy Asbury Jr. (dec.) to Sherri Ward, 445 Apollo St., $57,500.

Penny Swallow to Heiddi Wilson, 1113 Fairmont Drive, $99,000.

Jeff Scholl to Diallo Yaya, 131 Brooklyn Ave., $9,500.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.