Garden contest registration deadline extended

WAPAKONETA — In cooperation with the 2019 Celebration Committee, Village Green, Floral and Garden Center, Wapakoneta, is organizing the First on the Moon Flower Garden Contest for Auglaize County residents. In reflection of this spring’s weather, judging for the competition has been moved back to July 15. The deadline for registering to participate has been moved back as well, to July 1.

“We know that our very wet spring has delayed bloom for many of our flowering plants. We thank Village Green for its willingness to push back the date for contest judging,” said 2019 committee member Rachel Barber.

The First on the Moon Flower Garden Contest will rate flower gardens in three categories:

• Best use of red, white, and blue flowers;

• Best reflection of the first on the moon theme (with or without red, white, and blue flowers); and

• Best sculptural use of the “Moonflower” (Ipomoea alba). The Moonflower is an annual vine related to morning glories. The flowers are very similar, but the Moonflower vine produces only white flowers larger than those of morning glory. Moonflowers lend themselves to growth on string, wire, fences, poles, etc. In this third competition category, judges will look for the most imaginative “creation” made from “trellised” moonflowers.

Three prizes will be awarded in each of the three categories: first place, $100 gift certificate from Village Green; second place, $50 gift certificate; third place, $25 gift certificate.

Gardens must be located in Auglaize County. Contestants need not purchase their plants or seeds from Village Green to enter. There is no fee to compete; participants must simply register. Forms are available at the Wapakoneta Area Chamber of Commerce or on the First on the Moon Facebook Page and

“The First on the Moon Flower Garden Contest reminds us that there’s a place for everyone in our 50th anniversary celebration,” said Barber. “We hope that lots of local gardeners will take up the challenge and contribute to the celebration in their own special way. We thank Village Green for its leadership on this anniversary activity.”

The 2019 committee’s mission is to develop and implement public programs, events, and legacy efforts that reflect the many themes associated with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon walk, and to ensure that Wapakoneta and Auglaize County are at the forefront of this worldwide commemoration.