SIDNEY — The following people filed for marriage licenses in Shelby County during the month of May 2019:

• Sierra Engle and Cassandra Knight, both of Sidney; David Chambers and Nicole Vondenhuevel, both of Sidney; Keely Smith and Nathaniel Girod, both of Sidney; Alice Leach and Frederick Pryor, both of Shelby County; Julie Poore and Sunil Tank, both of Sidney; Hannah Lawson and Derek Welch, both of Sidney; Devan Frey, of Anna, and Megan Kaiser, of Minster; Jacob Maurer and Tara Olberding, both of Fort Loramie; Elleah Cooper and Joel Meyer, both of Raleigh, North Carolina; Lawrence Gardner, of Piqua, and Christina Thomas, of Sidney; Christopher Heath and Jacquia Hudgins, both of Sidney; Earl Farr II and Debra Neth, both of Sidney; Tyler Phillips and Chelynn Hunter, both of Sidney; Lindsey Spearman and Thomas Minniear, both of Sidney; Michael Newton and Ashley Pridemore, both of Sidney; Tiffany Lickteig and Jakob Pennington, both of Sidney; Elaine Poppe, of New Bremen, and Rachel Hawkins, of New Knoxville; Adam Moorman and Maria Huffman, both of Sidney; Tyler Chapman, of Russia, and Megan Grilliot, of Houston; Amanda Koch and David Okley, both of Albion, Michigan; Halie McGee and Justin Kilgore, both of Anna; Christopher Hughes and Shawna Campbell, both of Anna; Melissa Pax and Larry Epley Jr., both of Sidney; Matthew Borchers and Karmella Dolecheck, both of Gobles, Michigan; Zachery Hicks and Cheyenne Wyan, both of Sidney; Russell Hogue III, of Belle Center, and Elizabeth Hageman, of Anna; Michael Brown and Mary Duncan, both of Sidney; Dakota Weber and Ashley Eichelberger, both of Maplewood; Ashlee Tapp and David Crim, both of Sidney; and Rickie Bayes and Bobbi Stauffer, both of Sidney.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County during the month of May 2019:

• Aryelle Staugler v. Stephen Staugler, Holly Swiger v. Phillip Swiger, Heather Hickman v. Derick Hickman, Phillip Henderson v. Danielle Henderson, Roy Elder v. Trisha Elder, Elizabeth McNeal v. Darryl McNeal, Kristy Hudson v. Willie Hudson Jr., Cassandra Noffsinger v. Matthew Noffsinger, Doris Kesler v. Franklin Kesler, Nonnie McWilliams v. Daniel McWilliams, Mary Branscum v. Alan Branscum, Nona Wright v. Garry Wright, and Ryan Widmark v. Mary Widmark.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County during the month of May 2019:

• Joseph Hughes and Marjorie Hughes, Jessica Stewart and Jedediah Stewart, Noah Allison and Lelani Allison, Destiny Bray and Caleb Bray, Bruce Bell and Kendra Bell, and Brian Graffice and Brittany Graffice.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.