SIDNEY — The following people filed for marriage licenses in Shelby County during the month of June 2019:

• Teresa Foster and Jonah Miller, both of Sidney; Gina Schmiesing, of Fort Loramie, and Mark Kramer, of Anna; Andrew Barlage and Shawntel Vancamp, both of Fort Loramie; Brianna Slaughter and Michael King, both of Sidney; Anthony Sims and Brandee Weber, both of Sidney; Jeremy Savage and Megan Spurbeck , both of Jackson Center; Chad May and Trisha Current, both of Sidney; Jessica Buchanan and Bradley Massie, both of Minster; Trisha Schulze, of Sidney, and Cody Schmiesing, of Anna; Brandi Landreth and Barrett Wagner, both of Botkins; Gary Kimmel and Laurie Jordan, both of Sidney; Leona Winemiller and Daniel Long Jr., both of Jackson Center; Tyler Sargent and Abigail Cable, both of Sidney; Christopher Page and Kirstie Miller, both of Sidney; Makenzie Milks and Joshua Spicer, both of Sidney; Crystal Hadden and Matthew Cordonnier, both of Russia; Jill Post, of Russia, and Kyle Siegrist, of Union City, Indiana; Logan Pitts and Zachary Watercutter, both of Botkins; Zachary Meyer and Caitlan Collett, both of Sidney; Justin Bell and Jadelyn Lorton, both of Sidney; Christopher Moore and Lauren Morrow, both of Sidney; Brooke Banks, of Dayton, and Michael Hines Jr., of Port Jefferson; James Thompson and Stacy Smith, both of Anna; Samuel Walker Jr. and Sara Chelson, both of Sidney; Billy Marlow and Donna Echeman, both of Sidney; Jeremy Keaton and Kayla Sherman, both of Sidney; Holly Thomas and David Davidson, both of Sidney; Christian Petek, of Mechanicsburg, and Rachel Cooper, of Botkins; Frankie Harriger and Christopher Hughes, both of Augusta, Georgia; Marsha Gehle and William Longbrake Jr., both of Sidney; Heather Strunk and William Pierce, both of Sidney; Jerrod Pahssen and Melinda King, both of Sidney; and Jeremy Prater, of Lima, and Sierra Hinds, of Sidney.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County during the month of June 2019:

• Lee Kattau-Ordean v. James Ordean, Benjamin Monnin v. Deanna Monnin, Neil Harrod v. Anne Harrod, Laurie Wilde Butler v. David Butler, Chanda Umbaugh v. John Umbaugh, Bridget Baldwin v. James Baldwin, Misty Fisher v. Christopher Fisher, Jessica Ball v. Roger Ball, and Charles Burton v. Misty Burton.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County during the month of June 2019:

• Scott Branscum and Lerlin Branscum, Michael Rosenbeck and Hannah Rosenbeck, Aaron Wesbecher and Sarah Wesbecher, James Koppin Jr. and Melissa Koppin, Michelle Bridges and Michael Bridges, Joshua Farrier and Haley Farrier, Kristy Orth and Larry Orth, Tiffany Scheurell and Damian Scheurell, and Richard Eaton and Omie Eaton.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.