Land bank contacts property owner

Staff report

KETTLERSVILLE — The village of Kettlersville continues to prepare for the spring and summer season. And the Shelby County Land Reutilization Corporation (land bank) has contacted a property owner about purchasing the property he owns.

During its February meeting, the Village Council learned a street light was repaired by Miami Valley Lighting. Another light also needs to be repaired. Repairs are continuing on the restroom.

Mayor Eric Kaminsky reported the land bank has contacted a village property owner in regards to the land bank purchasing the property. Several messages have been left. The next step would be for the land bank to proceed with foreclosure and demolish the building.

The custodian termination has been completed. Council is considering options to hire a commercial company to mow village properties.

Shelby County Sheriff John Lenhart was present to share the January log of services for the village. He said inmates could be available for spring cleanup. Details were shared on the new golf cart laws: a driver’s license is required along with license plates, signals and inspections provided by the Sheriff’s Office. Concerns were discussed about 4-wheelers within the village ridden by young children.

Council approved the 2017 fire contract and snow removal contract from the Van Buren Township trustees.

Kaminsky also shared information on a possible trash/recycle contract for the village. He will obtain additional details.

He has also created a 2017 village improvement plan, which will be discussed at future meetings. Letters will be sent out to several residents for unlicensed vehicle and furniture/appliances that need to be moved.

Resolutions were also approved for the 2017 bylaws and 2017 appropriations.

Staff report