Quincy determines need for joint sewer plant operator

Staff report

QUINCY — The Village of Quincy Council has spent much of the two meetings in September reviewing the need for a full time Joint Sewer Plant Operator. The end result was a motion for an ordinance to create a full-time position for the operator at the Joint Sewer Plant.

A special meeting of the Joint Sewer Board to move forward on this matter was ended with no decision being made on how to proceed with funding this full time position. All current expenses at the plant have been divided on a flow rate basis. On average, that split is 30 percent Quincy and 70 percent DeGraff. Prior to building the new sewer plant, the split of expenses was figured on the number of users, which was based on a yearly average. Now, both villages accept the need of a full time operator.

How the expense of the operator will be divided was discussed, and it was decided that the first step in solving the issue is to create the position. The villages’ legal advisors and mayors will meet to further discuss this. Since no action has been taken yet, Mayor Dan Robinson will contact other Class II operators to cover the plant in keeping with the Ohio EPA’s rules. Both villages will be responsible for the expense.

The village of Quincy was notified that a $500,000 Revitalization Grant has been received.

During the next few months many of the projects will begin. At this time Council is waiting for the next steps to begin the process. The Jefferson Street water line replacement project is still waiting to find out if funds will be granted to move forward with this project. The Council was then informed of projects requiring major funding.

Tiles need to be replaced at the Joint Sewer Plant at an approximate cost of $5,400 for the first 240. A total of 498 tiles need replaced at this time to prevent retreating of sludge. Several other projects at Joint Sewer Plant are being looked at including algae removal and control and land applying sludge.

Judd Brooks reported the need to replace the generator at the Quincy-Miami Township Fire and Rescue building. The current generator is not working at all. Information on a new Kohler generator has been quoted at $16,470. The Council discussed the matter and determined that several other estimates should be obtained and brought back to Council for review. The last major expense presented was for replacing the ditch mower. The current mower is not working and is very old. Putting more money into the machine has been determined as not a good investment due to age and hours of service. The present estimate is for a John Deere at a cost of $16,675.41 including the mower attachment. Investigation of funding of the projects will begin and financing these projects can move forward when funding is determined.

Grant funding has provided the village of Quincy with a new fire siren at the Quincy-Miami Township building. This siren is suppose to be heard for two and one half miles. The pole is set and the siren is placed. Final electrical hook ups need to be made and programming of the siren needs to be completed. Testing will not be done until everything is in place.

Trick or Treat in the village of Quincy will be held Oct. 26.

Volunteers are needed to maintain the School Bell site. Anyone interested in this community project should contact the village.

Delinquent utility bills were discussed at both September meetings. These accounts have gotten out of control. Payment arrangements can no longer be made unless determined by Mayor Robinson. It is being discussed that anyone being shut-off due to delinquency will be placed on probation for one year and if that account is one month late for that time period, service will be terminated until payment in full is made plus the 20 percent penalty and $25 turn on fee.

The next council meeting will be held Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in council chambers.

Staff report