WUSO and WDPR partner of simulcast

Staff report

SPRINGFIELD —WUSO and WDPR have partnered to air a simulcast of WDPR’s classical music programming, from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., seven days a week. The simulcast includes the longest-running morning show in the Dayton region, Morning Concert (Monday through Friday, 6 to 10 a.m.), hosted by Springfield resident and Springfield Symphony Orchestra patron Larry Coressel.

“Partnerships like this are essential for enhancing our student experience and in furthering community-building,” said Wittenberg President Michael L. Frandsen. “This is a win-win for our students and the community we serve.”

Morning Concert adds to the musical repertoire of the station, while the morning show format also provides local information and weather updates that WUSO has never previously offered. The simulcast will also include broadcasts of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra concerts on Live & Local (Saturdays, 10 a.m.) The initial generosity of Jim Lagos, Wittenberg class of 1970, allowed for the purchase of hardware to link the two stations a few years ago.

“Wittenberg is an engaged, respected community partner in the Dayton region, so the chance to re-establish this relationship with the university in a way that benefits our listeners and provides real-world experience through internships for students made this partnership an ideal one for WDPR,” added Shaun Yu, president/CEO of Dayton Public Radio Inc.

“WUSO’s mission is musical variety and student self-expression,” said Morgan Mitchell, class of 2018 from Silver Lake, Ohio, and the general manager of WUSO 89.1-FM. “By partnering with WDPR, Wittenberg students are exposed to music that might not normally make their playlists.”

The partnership with WDPR will add to WUSO’s offerings outside of its traditional eclectic music format provided by student disc jockeys.

“The partnership of WUSO and WDPR provides further engagement of students on campus involved with WUSO and creates community-wide impact for the student-run radio station,” said Kevin Carey, associate director of student involvement.

Along with pairing with WDPR on the simulcasts, Wittenberg also looks to build on additional opportunities for student involvement, including internships through the Dayton-based station.

“We are excited for the continued partnership with WDPR in training and internships for students, as well as an opportunity to broadcast their station here in Clark County,” Carey added.

WUSO, which celebrated its 51st anniversary in February, has a 120-watt transmitter that allows for a listening radius of approximately 15 miles, covering all of Springfield and much of Clark County. In addition, all on-air content is streamed 24 hours a day, seven days a week at http://www.wuso.org.

Staff report