SIDNEY – The following people filed for marriage licenses in Shelby County in October:

James Napier, Pemberton, and Sandra Smith, Piqua; Joshua Wright, Sidney, and Paige Marmon, Quincy; Brittany Bradley and Brandon Frew, Sidney; Julia Bruns and Casey Driskell, Sidney; Tommie Cantrell and Kelann Mickle, Sidney; Philip Boyd and Pamela Kinser, Sidney; Megan Besecker and Dylan Owen, Sidney; Tina Werntz and Eric Wooddell, Sidney; Demi Coy and Joshua Thomas, Sidney; Nicole Sommer and Benjamin Kuck, Anna; Ian Heintz and Rhienna Forney, Sidney; Judy Keener and Ronald Jenkins, Sidney; Jela Williams and Adam Kelly, Sidney; Mark Gold and Sally Hayden, Sidney; Hilary Preece and Joshua Preston, Sidney; Seth Opperman and Briana King, Anna; Gary Pleasant and Shirley Gaier, Sidney; Tonya Hall and Stacy Snow, Kathleen, Georgia; Bradley Yinger and Stacey Herman, Sidney; Angela Spade and Theodore Griner, Sidney; and James Brock and Darla Trotter, Bexar, Texas.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County in October:

Rebecca Wagner v. Matthew Wagner, Kayla McBride v. Brendan McBride, John Searcy v. Donna Searcy, and Sophia Burden v. Tyler Burden.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County in October:

Sieglinde Leffman and Justin Leffman, John Winemiller Jr. and Ashley Winemiller, and Richard Reier and Caroline Reier.