Anna Council passes ordinances

Staff report

ANNA — The Anna Village Council had its last regular meeting of the month, Jan. 23, during which several ordinances were passed.

These included an ordinance to amend chapter 153 of the village of Anna Code of Ordinances regarding zoning; an ordinance making revisions to the human resource personnel policies and procedures manual in regards to various sections and provisions; an ordinance approving and adopting the updated countywide natural hazards mitigation plan prepared by the Shelby County Emergency Management Agency; an ordinance levying assessments for the 2017 Commerce Drive curb replacement project; and an ordinance to award a contract for ultraviolet disinfectant equipment for the wastewater treatment plant.

Village resident Chris Newman spoke regarding his property at 308 N. Pike St. There is a main storm sewer drain that flows under a vacant side lot. Newman wants to build a barn on the property and was asked to move the barn location so it does not sit directly on top of the storm drainage tile.

He wants to work with the village to create a solution, as he does not want to resort to capping the tile since he cannot find any easement on file. A meeting will be scheduled once all information has been received.

According to village Public Works Director Mike Homan, Phase 2 of the Young Street reconstruction is almost complete. The department is waiting for street lights and seeding, which will happen in the spring.

Public Works met with Heintz Engineering regarding the 2018 sidewalk program. There will be a few changes and bidding will begin in early March.

In other news, Interstate-75 utilities have been approved by county commissioners, and the contract for Poggemeyer Engineering is being reviewed. Pool regulations will also be reviewed.

Bids are being accepted for the demolition of the Westerheide house that was purchased at the park. There are approximately 15 properties that will be reviewed for property maintenance letters.

The annexation south of town will be discussed at the next township meeting.

Upcoming meeting dates include the Safety and Refuse Department, which will meet, Feb. 6; Parks and Recreation, scheduled to meet, March 13; and if there is any news to discuss, the Planning Commission will meet, Feb. 6.

The next village council meeting will be Feb. 13 at 7 p.m.

Staff report