Hoy, Hayes named Great Ohioans

COLUMBUS — The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) and the Capitol Square Foundation have announcedthe recipients of the 2019 “Great Ohioan Award.”

The individuals were selected from nominations submitted by citizens and organizations from across Ohio.

The 2019 Great Ohioan awardees are President Rutherford B. Hayes, Union veteran, congressman, governor of Ohio and president of the United States, and William Ellsworth “Dummy” Hoy, professional baseball player, baseball innovator and advocate for the deaf community.

“I believe President Hayes and Mr. Hoy embody the spirit of the Great Ohioan Award and will serve to inspire future generations of Ohio leaders; they represent the great wealth of talent that the Buckeye State has produced,” said Sen. Bob Peterson, R-Washington Courthouse, Dist. 17, chairman of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board.

“Through their accomplishments, each Great Ohioan has changed the trajectory of the state of Ohio, the United States and the world. We hope that every Statehouse visitor is inspired by the life and accomplishments of each one of the men and women who have been recognized with this honor,” said Capitol Square Foundation Chairman Charles Moses.

The Great Ohioan Award commemorates Ohioans who have played a significant role in an event or series of events of lasting significance in world, American or Ohio history. To be selected for the Great Ohioan Award, the nominee must have resided in Ohio for a minimum of five years. In addition, at least 25 years must have passed since the event in which the nominee who participated is being commemorated.

Since 2003, 44 Great Ohioans have been recognized with the award for the special roles they played in history.

“Both individuals have left their mark on Ohio and the nation; President Hayes and Mr. Hoy have earned the title of Great Ohioan,” said Laura P. Battocletti, CSRAB executive director.

Great Ohioan honorees and their achievements are archived in a permanent Great Ohioan exhibit, which is part of the Ohio Statehouse Museum. While countless Ohioans have performed great actions for their communities and beyond, only a select few have been named a “Great Ohioan.” This exhibit allows visitors to have a greater understanding of the recipients of the Great Ohioan award and discover how they affected local, national and world history. The exhibit uses videos, photos, facts and web based technology to explore the life and legacy of each Great Ohioan.