What happens after a drug bust?

By Melanie Speicher - mspeicher@sidneydailynews.com

SIDNEY — There’s been a drug bust in the city of Sidney. A person’s been arrested and drugs, money and drug paraphernalia has been confiscated.

What happens to the drugs and money?

“Anytime we seize illegal drugs, we send them to BCI to have them tested,” said Sidney Police Chief Will Balling.

Thirty to 60 days after the court case is completed, the drugs are disposed of.

“We dispose of the drugs through burning them,” said Balling. The department recently purchase an incinerator to burn the drugs up.

“The drugs we confiscate will never be back on the streets,” said McRill.

Any cash that is seized, is kept locked up in the evidence room.

“The money is not ours,” said Balling. “It will eventually be presented to the court and then the court will make the ruling on where it goes. It could be returned to the owner or the court could seize it for a different agency. It could go to the police department or sheriff’s office.

“The money goes back into law enforcement programs,” said Balling, if the court orders it given to the police department. “It’s held in a separate account and we must account for what the money is used for — the battle on drugs and opioids.

“None of it pays for raises or salaries for existing officers,” he said. “But the money does help out with law enforcement. If we can identify, prosecute and rehabilitate the person, then we don’t have to use taxpayers money in the war against drugs.”

By Melanie Speicher


Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.