Lenhart issues statement about Kimpel case



SIDNEY — Shelby County Sheriff John Lenhart has released a statement concerning the Third District Court of Appeals of Lima’s decision concerning a civil rights case brought against the county by former Sheriff Dean Kimpel.

The court on Monday upheld the Shelby County Common Pleas Court’s decision denying the reversal of a ruling in Kimpel’s civil rights case tied to a 2012 case that led to his resignation as sheriff.

“This has certainly been a dark chapter in Shelby County law enforcement history,” said Lenhart.

“I’m glad for the county and residents that the former Sidney Police captain and also sheriff, along with all his associates finally have the legal answer they needed to hopefully put this to rest.

“Along with seven years of using investigators time from the Auglaize County and Licking Counties Sheriff’s Offices, Investigators from BCI&I, the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office, the Shelby County Prosecutors Office, the Shelby County Commons Pleas Court and Auglaize County Common Pleas Courts time and the 3rd District Court of Appeals, in addition to the above, this saga has cost the county taxpayers in excess of $200,000 according to our county commissioners.

“In my view, enough is enough,” said Lenhart.

Kimpel was seeking the right to withdraw his guilty plea claiming vital evidence was not disclosedby prosecutors at the time.

The decision, filed online, was rendered by a three-judge panel with the Third District Court ofAppeals of Lima. The judicial panel include Judges John Williamowski and Vernon Preston, of theThird District, and Judge Michael Hall of the Second District, who served by assignment.