JC council appoints new member

By Alexandra Newman - anewman@aimmedianetwork.com

JACKSON CENTER — The Jackson Center Village Council has a new member – James DeVine.

The council seat, recently vacated by Jack Toomey, was filled at the Nov. 30 meeting of council. Toomey was appointed on July 28, 2014 to fill an unexpired term. However, due to recent changes in the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System Rules and Regulations, Toomey had to retire from public employment to keep receiving his full retirement benefits.

DeVine ran for a council position in the November election, but incumbents Ken Gloyeske and Karen Woodruff were reelected to their seats. With the retirement of Toomey, DeVine had a chance to apply for the position, along with any other interested residents of Jackson Center.

DeVine has lived in Jackson Center for five years and has worked for Airstream for 11 years. He told the council he has been coming to Jackson Center for half his life and he and his wife love it there. DeVine is on the Corporate Challenge Committee for fund raising for scholarships for the school and has two golf outings a year to raise money.

After council reviewed the applications of DeVine and another person who had applied for the position, David Shields, they chose DeVine and made a motion to appoint him to council. The term for this seat expires on Dec. 31, 2017.

Also at the meeting last Monday, the council voted to accept a contract with Stokes Township in Logan County to furnish Fire Protection to a small territory to the East of Jackson Center. Stokes Township will pay to the Village of Jackson Center by June 30 and Dec. 31 of 2016 an amount equal to 1.6 mills on the tax evaluation of the Township, less County Auditor Fees. This contract will cover fiscal year 2016.

The council also voted to accept an ordinance amending their local income tax ordinance. The Ohio General Assembly enacted House Bill 5 in December of 2014, and mandated that municipal income tax codes be amended by Jan. 1, 2016, so that any income or withholding tax is levied in accordance with the provisions and limitations specified in Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code. This Ordinance amends the Village Income Tax Ordinance 2008-028 to be in compliance with the changes mandated by HB 5.

Council Member Larry Wahrer reported the Finance Committee met prior to the council meeting and reported that in the October report there were some large expenditures for the month such as the $20,000 paid to Barrett Paving. Wahrer reported because of the large expenditures the month-to-date expenditures exceeded the month-to-date income by about $4,500. Wahrer reported that for the year the month-to-date income has exceeded expenses by about $413,000. Their October income is about 12% percent greater or about $6,400 more than October of 2014. Wahrer reported considering all the expenses, October was a decent month.

Village Administrator Bruce Metz reported AMP did more studies on the Solar Field project so the village can receive tax incentives to do the project, therefore, sign up is extended until January, 2016. Metz reported he hopes to have a representative from AMP come to a council meeting for council’s review. Metz reported they will have additional savings above what they were originally told. Metz went on to say eventually the village will own the Solar Field.

Metz explained the village will do all the work on the Hamer Street extension that can be done by Village Employees. Metz went on to say the village will subcontract with local contractors and material hauling. Metz reported he hopes the extension will be completed by April.

Chief Joe Cotterman reported the 2005 Crown Vic auxiliary cruiser has a blown head gasket, airbag light on, and the car will need $3,500 in repairs. The car will be taken back up for service soon.

Metz presented Council with a quote from Fire Safety Services for 16 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for the Fire Department. Metz stated that Chief Jerry Davis could not make the meeting to speak to Council about this quote. The Fire Department currently has 21 SCBA’s, but with current department personnel numbers, only need sixteen SCBA’s.

The current packs that the fire department has are eight years old. Metz stated that if they order the packs in December, they can receive a five percent discount on the order. Council members had several questions that need answers before a purchase like this can be made. The Safety Council will meet with Chief Davis to get their questions answered before the next council meeting.

Council Member Ken Gloyeske read to Council a letter that he received from Airstream. Airstream is interested in purchasing the property located at 430 W. Pike St. and would like to know if the village would be interested in waiving their assessment of $4,763.78 on the property.

The council then voted to waive the special assessment that has been placed as a lien on the property.

By Alexandra Newman