Baldwin favors State Issue 1

URBANA — Democrat Garrett Baldwin, who is facing incumbent Nino Vitalie in November, responds to six survey questions about the upcoming election.

What do you consider your three most important accomplishments?

“Three very important accomplishments immediately come to mind:

“Enlisting in the Ohio Army National Guard

“Representing my school and Ohio at the 2017 World Leadership Congress in Chicago, IL

“Running a campaign for political office that embodies ‘of the People, by the People, and for the People’”

What do you consider your three most important goals?

“My three most important goals would be:

“As the only individual in my family’s history to attend college, it is essential that I graduate from a respected institution

“Define the success of my career with love and interest

“Win this election”

State Issue 1 on the Nov. 6 ballot would “Reduce Penalties for Crimes of Obtaining, Possessing, and Using Illegal Drugs.” Should this issue pass or fail, and why?

“State Issue 1 should pass. In Ohio, we have an obligation to reduce the influence of for-profit prisons. This is our opportunity. The language targets dealers, the source of our horrible drug epidemic with a felony charge. Individuals charged with possession, or use, of illegal substances would be charged with a misdemeanor for the first two offenses, then any further offense will be handled to the full extent of the law. Nonviolent drug offenders will be able to participate in extraordinary programs to correct their lapse of judgments. Also, the amendment would SAVE TAXPAYERS MILLIONS of dollars each year!”

How can you help the district overcome the tariffs being implemented against the United States by various countries?

“These unfortunate tariffs are the result of our own country’s trade policies. It is important that national politicians recognize the impact of cunning trade wars being used to score political points with the American people. Ohio, as a result, will have over two billion in exports affected by the Canadian tariffs alone! This is a disaster for business and workers. To offset this, Ohio must pick up the cost by offering tax abatements and incentives to companies who invest in our state and people. This begins with the steel and agricultural industries.”

After the recent drug overdoses at the Chillicothe prison, how do we protect law enforcement exposed to illegal drugs as they do their job protecting citizens?

“A large component of my campaign platform is directing funds to necessary resources in order to combat the horrible drug epidemic throughout Ohio. Far too often have first responders or members of law enforcement been exposed to illegal drugs (i.e. fentanyl) and suffered. Thus, Ohio must foot the bill and supply agencies across the state with the lifesaving drugs they need. The most popular being Naloxone. Protecting police and correctional officers should be one of our top priorities. Our current leadership cannot even provide proper funding for protective vests. That is a shame.”

How can local employers find quality workers for their growing businesses and industries?

“This is a question that requires more than one hundred words. However, to make it simple, Ohio can adopt two new strategies. First, we must implement a manufacturing educational program in public schools. Mechanicsburg has such a program which provides students with access to eye opening opportunities for them in the manufacturing sector. We have many career fairs with the county and specific businesses. Second, we need to collaborate with companies and former nonviolent drug offenders to put these individuals back to work. Manufacturing is a great sector to create a win/win situation for everyone, improving employment opportunities.”