Fair Haven project on schedule

By Melanie Speicher - mspeicher@sidneydailynews.com

SIDNEY — The construction project at Fair Haven Nursing Home is on schedule.

That’s the word Dan Freytag, Freytag & Associates, conveyed at the Shelby County Commissioners meeting Thursday afternoon.

Freytag and Amy Schwieterman discussed the project with Commissioners Tony Bornhorst and Bob Guillozet. They explained a change order for the addition at the nursing home.

A revision to the fire rated wall/ceiling assembly at masonry firewalls in two corridors and the small wall assembly in the dining area and lounge/activity area, resulted in an addition of $13,162 to the change order. The assemblies in the two corridors also added $2,529 to the project.

A change in level four wall board finish will see a deduction of $16,600 from the project said Schwieterman. Wall board finishes, she said, are rated from zero to five. The project had been calling for a finish five but the finish was reviewed and all parties involved felt a level four wall board finish was acceptable for the project.

Miscellaneous items changed will result in a deduction of $5,100 for the project. These items include deleting the fiber cement board placement on top of the brick indicated on the exterior wall sections; revise star construction details and change stair material to fire retardant treated wood for the staircases to the attic and basement; and change the resinous flooring in the serving kitchen and selected service areas to urethane-based resinous flooring.

Other items on the change order include deleting the receptacles at the pergolas in the courtyards, deduct$239; provide secondary roof drain including associated piping on connector 100 and the lounge and activity area, an addition of $9,452; add a 16-inch mowing strip at the perimeter of the building except where there are planting beds, an addition of $3,275; provide spray foam under the roof deck of the unenclosed porch to allow for future enclosure, an addition of $1,620; and provide an 8-inch high millwork wall base to walls, an addition of $2,586.

The total of the change order is an addition of $10,685 to the project.

Both Freytag and Schwieterman said some additional changes are expected for the change order before it’s submitted to the commissioners for their approval.

They also submitted a summary of the project costs thus far to the commissioners. Items in the summary include site work, $337,500; Thomas and Marker Construction, $11,288,386; technology, $120,874; allowances, $102,752, planning costs, $913,875, and other expenditures, $159,706, for a total of $13,000,000. There is still $76,907 in the contingency fund.

By Melanie Speicher


Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.