Jordan rep meets with citizens

By Paula Frew - For the Sidney Daily News

SIDNEY — Jim Jordan, Congressman for the 4th district, is interested in keeping his finger on the pulse of his constituents. To that end, Kirby Brandenburg, Field Representative for Jordan, met with citizens of Shelby County at the library on Tuesday.

“I’m here to meet with people, one-on-one, and hear their comments and concerns. Then I will relay them to Jim,” said Brandenburg.

Brandenburg would like to hear comments both positive and negative, so Jordan knows what issues his constituents need addressed in the government.

“Some people come in to talk about issues with Medicare and Medicaid, and of course, there’s the issue of the opioid crisis. Jim wants to know what concerns the 4th District so he can address those matters when congress is in session,” said Brandenburg.

One issue Jordan is very concerned with is Medicaid and the criteria that need to be met to acquire it.

“It’s difficult to know the fine line between when people are doing better but are still unable to make it on their own. We want to see people get less as they do better but not be totally cut off. Sometimes people will not take a promotion or higher pay because it will mean their kids won’t have health insurance. We want to find that fine line,” said Brandenburg.

There was not a large turnout this time, but Brandenburg hopes to make his visits more regular after the first of the year.

Brandenburg also makes it a point to visit factories and small businesses in the area and plans to meet with more of them. He met with Deb McDermott of the WorkForce Partnership and was impressed.

“I wish more communities had a program like the WorkForce Partnership. It is a great program that shows students that going to college isn’t the only way to make money. Sometimes businesses will even pay for you to go to school, and the students don’t graduate with as much debt,” said Brandenburg.

Future visits will be held at the Amos Memorial Public Library.

By Paula Frew

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.