Planning Commission OKs requests

By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — Two requests presented to the city of Sidney’s Planning Commission were approved during its Tuesday night meeting.

The commission OK’d the request of Michael Heintz for a replat to create two new lots from a single lot located on the south side of a Hoewisher Road in the R-1, single family residence district. The land is located between Wapakoneta Avenue and Parkwood Street. The property is currently undeveloped, except for a storm detention basin.

Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth told the commission Heintz was proposing a re-design of the detention basin which will move the location, but will not change the storage volume in the basin. She said the Sidney’s public Works department reviewed and approved the engineering plans for the relocation.

Because of the new configuration, Dulworth said, the existing easement will be vacated, with a new easement established at the rear of both lots, starting 80 feet back from the front lot line. A new 7.5 foot easement is also located on either side of the new lot line separating the properties. All other existing utility easements will remain.

A public hearing was held for the request of Brian Winemiller for the rezoning of 12 parcels located near the intersection of Main Avenue and Jefferson Street, in the B-1, local business to B-2 community business district.

Dulworth recommended approving a revised rezoning request. She explained the property at 218 Jefferson St. is one half of a two-family dwelling. The other half, 220 Jefferson St., is in the R-2, single and two-family residence district. She said although the property owner had indicated consent for the proposed rezoning, city staff recommending that parcel be rezoned to R-2 district instead, to align with the other half of the two-family dwelling.

She said the comprehensive plan identifies this property in policy Area 14 include single family, multi-family, public and semi-public uses, and limit retail uses. Dulworth said, the requested zoning is not included in the limited retail area described, and the comprehensive plan also recommends citywide development and redevelopment of older commercial areas such as this to remove blighting influences and remove older non-functional buildings.

Dulworth acknowledged the requested rezoning aligns with the recommendations of the comprehensive plan and may motivate stabilization and revitalization of the neighborhood.

Winemiller intends to open an auto repair shop, including towing and recovery, at 624 N. Main Ave. He also intends to keep his trucks on the inside the building.

Commission member David Gross said it was refreshing to see the submitted letters from neighbors showing that Winemiller took time to talk with adjacent neighbors.

Commission member Merrill Asher said he had a problem with an automobile repair shop going into the location because of the increased number of vehicles in the area on a major through roadway.

Winemiller assured the commission he will not have any vehicles parked at the shop because he has a lot elsewhere to store them.

However, during the public hearing, North Main Avenue resident Vicki Rush said she was not notified about any plans. Rush said she completely renovated her home after she bought it and wanted to know what was going into the location so her property value does not continue to drop.

Winemiller told Rush the parcel he wants to refurbish is the property that was previously a muffler repair business at the address across the street from her home.

Winemiller said he has a three to five year plan in his mind for fixing up the place.

“The place needs cleaned up. I want a building that’s a respectful building, a nice building. At some point, that’s maybe too nice for a repair shop. But I have dreams; that’s what it is. I don’t leave things in a mess,” Winemiller said.

Rush said she did not think the property Winemiller is interested in could be any “more of a mess” than it currently is. After listening to Winemiller speak, she appeared satisfied with his plans for the property.

He told Gross, when asked, he did not contact Rush because he thought only those affected by the rezoning change should be notified. He also told Commission member Steve Klingler, when asked, he planned to clean up and use the existing building.

Commission Chair Tom Ehler said he has Winemiller on the record saying he would take care of the property and not make it look bad. Ehler said he trusts that will happen.

The revised rezoning request was passed by a 3 to 1 vote, with Asher voting no. Commission member Patricia Miller was absent and was excused by the board.

Both recommendations will be sent to Sidney City Council for its review.

By Sheryl Roadcap

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.