Botkins experiences growth, capital improvement in 2018



BOTKINS — Over the last year the village of Botkins has continued to capitalize on opportunities for growth and capital improvement.

“We have seen economic growth with businesses adding on to existing properties, purchasing and remodeling existing properties, and new business laying ground work to become a part of our community,” said Administrator Randy Purdy. “The village has doubled down on our investment in our infrastructure and beautification projects, and has a renewed vigor in maintaining village owned properties for long term sustainability.”

His report continues:

The village has seen economic development opportunities materialize in a number of ways over the course of the previous year. We have had businesses such as Provico Farm Supply relocate to more advantageous locations in town, making the store more accessible and creating room for future growth. Next Generation Kitchen and Bath also moved into a new storefront, offering the business opportunities to showcase their work and continue to grow. Buckeye Electric has begun a new expansion on their property at the Botkins Industrial Park as they see continue growth opportunities. Additionally, a group of local investors, Botkins Investment Group, LLC, has successfully purchased land at the Industrial Park, constructed a manufacturing building, and have the building leased going into the upcoming year.

While not all inclusive, these are just some of the growth stories the village has seen over the course of the last year. Overall, businesses in the village, small and large, are thriving and continuing to grow. This creates opportunities for jobs for our residents, and brings new faces to the village. Economic development is often multiplicative, and for each new job created, we are seeing more people eat at our restaurants, shop at our stores, utilize our mechanics, and conduct business in the Village. We hope that this trend towards economic growth continues into the upcoming year.

The village also made significant stride in terms of sustainable infrastructure over the last year. Upgrades to the Botkins Water Treatment Plant have resulted in more efficient water treatment, upgraded technology, and extensions in the useful life of our plant. This project helps to ensure that the Village can continue to provide clean and safe drinking water for our residents, while also softening the water saving our residents the trouble of softening in their homes.

The village’s annual sidewalk program returned again this year, adding side walks in front of residences on county road 25-A on the south side of the village. This year’s project created a new walking path for residents on the south side of the village, providing them with a safe route into the Village proper. As always, the goal of the sidewalk program is to increase safety within the Village and improve upon its aesthetic appeal.

Over the last year the Village Council has strategically invested in the long-term sustainability of the Botkins Fire Department. Improvements the Botkins Fire Department included doubling available office space for our firefighters, resurfacing the floor by grinding, filling cracks, and sealing the front half, a new protective skin surrounding the building and protecting its block base, and improvements on internal and external lighting saving taxpayers through the use of LED lights. The Village Council’s continued commitment to ensure sustainability in Fire Protection is a testament to the pride they have in our department.

We look forward to a eventful and productive 2019!