Anna Council discusses street improvements

ANNA — The Village of Anna Council heard from Public Works Superintendent Lindsey Alexander during its regular meeting, April 9, regarding the 2019 sidewalk program that is currently being engineered by Choice One Engineering.

The 2019 program will include North Linden Street and East Walnut Street.

Council discussed a manhole in the village that was discovered to have a blockage. Bruns, from Coldwater, cleared the line and it is fully functioning now.

Dave Nagel Excavating is making progress on the Interstate 75 utilities project. With all of the major utilities running through the area where the new stop lights will be, the holes will be done by hydro-vac.

With funding approval for the South Street reconstruction, the engineering quote for design services was reviewed by council, as well as the stop light cost increase.

Ohio Water Development Authority funding for the I-75 utilities, and potential money down on the loan, will be reviewed closer at the next finance meeting. Cost versus expense for iPads was reviewed, as well. Financial numbers for the cost of the council packets on a monthly basis were presented. Council agreed that at this point, iPads are not justifiable, based on the costs as a whole.

Safety and Refuse will meet on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, at 6 p.m.

The council was informed that the park advisory board will be seeking a new member to fill the spot of an outgoing member.

A schedule of upcoming events includes Jazz in the Park, on May 11; a Family Fun Walk, hosted by the library, on June 3; and the African Children’s Choir (St. Jacob’s church), on July 14.

The Splash Pad committee also met on April 9. There will be a $530 annual license fee through the County Health Department for the Splash Pad.

Council member Gary Strasser proposed an event involving food trucks, wine and beer tasting, a craft vendor show, kids events, and OSU game showing in September. An ordinance would need to be passed to allow alcohol in the park for that day. There was no opposition to the idea and the board will move forward with planning the event.

In other business, the board:

• Discussed the possibility of the park board holding fundraising concession for games played at the park to add revenue for the park.

• Discussed the need for repair of the small shelter house roof.

• Heard about possible projects, including replacing obsolete playground equipment, a new shelter house, resealing the walking path, cameras for enhanced child security/safety, and new tennis court lighting.

• Was informed that the library will obtain quotes to fix the sidewalk out front.

• Accepted the $23,100 quote for the South Street reconstruction engineering. Funding has been secured through OPWC grant/loan for the construction costs.

• Discussed the third party workers’ compensation administrator quotes, which range from $199 to $1,055 annually. Workers’ Compensation does give a discount for municipalities that contract a third party administrator.

• Discussed the TNR (trap neuter release) program for cats through SCARF. There are a couple locations that would benefit from the program. They are currently booked through mid-fall 2019. A motion was passed to move forward with the program.

• Agreed not to move forward with discussion on an income tax increase due to consideration of the additional gas tax passed by the governor, and other increases at this point.

• Entered into executive session for discussion of personnel, with no action taken.