Tipp City will allow golf carts on some city streets

TIPP CITY — On Monday, Tipp City’s city council passed an ordinance allowing golf carts to operate on some city streets.

Low speed vehicles, mini-trucks and golf carts will be permitted on Tipp City streets with speed limits of 35 mph or below, with the exception of West Main Street between Hyatt Street and County Road 25-A.

Similar ordinances have been passed in Troy and Huber Heights.

“You have to have a vehicle that is road-worthy,” City Manager Tim Eggleston said. Carts must have working headlights, turn signals, a horn, seat belts and two license plates. They must also be inspected by local law enforcement.

The vehicles must be registered and driven by a licensed driver.

State law allows golf carts on streets with speed limits posted at or under 35 mph. Eggleston said the city is bound by law to make sure its ordinances follow state regulation.

Mayor Joe Gibson proposed an amendment to the ordinance exempting non-profit organizations from the inspection, title and fee requirements for the carts during events including the Mum Festival and Canal Music Fest.

Law Director Jonathan Freeman advised against the exemption. Police Chief Eric Burris said that carts that don’t meet the inspection, title and other requirements may still be used on closed roadways, noting that streets are closed for many events and festivals.

Representatives from several festival committees and non-profit organizations expressed their concerns about the regulations, saying that it is difficult to rent golf carts that meet the new standards.

Eggleston said he knows that the regulations might cause some difficulty for festival organizers who use golf carts during their events.

“But once they hit the street, you need to have a road-worthy vehicle and until the industry catches up with the law, it’s probably going to be a little difficult,” he said.