Council considers Shelby Public Transit’s contract rates

By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — Sidney City Council considered the Shelby Public Transit System’s contract rates during Tuesday evening’s meeting.

Amending a section of the city code regarding Shelby Public Transit System’s rates was one of two ordinances introduced to City Council. The other was to consider amending a section of the city code regarding city employees’ pay tables, classification plan and to repeal an associated ordinance.

Ron Schalow, manager of Shelby County Transit, presented council with the proposed Shelby Public Transit 2019-20 contract rates for July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020. The proposed rates would increase to $63 from $61 per hour, to $24 from $23.25 per trip, and to $5.15 from $5 per mile.

No increase of rates for non-contract fares, which is service for the general public, was recommended. A second reading of the ordinance will return to council for further consideration on June 10.

The other ordinance introduced to council will amend the pay classification plan and pay tables for city management, confidential and Municipal Court employees, as well as part-time employees. City Manager Mark Cundiff said it would change the non-bargaining pay tables to increase the scales by an additional .25 percent to align these scales with union negotiated increases. The exceptions are for the Municipal Court judge, and also the city manager, law director and city clerk, which are set by city council.

The estimated cost for retroactivity, including variable fringe benefits, pensions, etc., is $6,562.57, Cundiff said.

Council also adopted six resolutions, and they are:

• To appoint Steven Faler to the Airport Advisory Committee, to expire May 31, 2022. This Faler’s first board appointment.

• To authorize the grant of a revocable license to Murphy’s Craft Bar & Kitchen, LLC to place an awning to extend 24 inches into and over the sidewalk within the right of way of East Poplar Street.

• To accept two requests of Choice One Engineering, on behalf of Sidney Classic Ltd, for the approval of a lot split and replat to transfer of ownership of 0.350 acres at the rear of the property to the adjacent property owner. The property is on the west side of VanDemark Road, south of Russell Road, 1451 – 1455 N. Vandemark Road.

Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth said the transfer is accomplished with a two-part action, the first being the lot split to create lot 7190 which will split the 0.350 acre area from the remainder of the lot. She said the lot split includes a note that lot 7190 can only be transferred to an adjoining property.

The second part is the replat, to combine lot 7190 with the adjacent property to create a new lot, 7191. Once completed, two new lots will be created, lot 7189, with 2.364 acres and lot 7191, 1.3 acres.

In order to meet the required lot depth to width ratio, lot 7191 would need to be at least 135 feet wide. In this case, Dulworth said, man-made features including parking and loading areas as well as the placement of the building on lot 7189 would create an undue hardship and require setback variances.

• To accept the request of John Shurts, on behalf of Sharon Renner, for a lot split to create two new lots on the east side of 542 and 544 S. Franklin Ave. The property is located in the R-2, single and two-family residence district.

Dulworth said the zoning code requires lots for single family dwellings to be a minimum of 6,000-square-feet (0.14 acres). The lot split will result in lot 7192, with 5,880.6-square-feet and lot 7193, with 3,354.1-square-feet.

She said the property is currently developed with two single-family dwellings. The lot split will create two properties that could be owned separately.

• To appoint George Newcomer to the Board of Building Code of Appeals to replace Dave Durbin, who opted not to be reappointed. This is Newcomer’s first appointment.

Council also went into an executive session to discuss the dismissal of a public employee and to discuss the purchase of property for public purposes. Other than excusing Vice Mayor Mardie Milligan from participating in a discussion on the purchase of property for public purposes, council took no action when members emerged at the end of the executive session.

By Sheryl Roadcap

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.