Zimmerman talks about Marsy’s Law

LIMA — Ohio Third District Court of Appeals Judge, William R. Zimmerman, spoke to the Allen County Federated Republican Women regarding Marsy’s Law on Friday, May 17, 2019.

Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas, a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara, was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Kerry Conley. A week after the murder Marsy’s brother, Henry and his mother were confronted by the accused murderer, Conley, who had been released on bond while murder charges were pending. The family had not been notified of his pre-trial release. Thereafter, Henry went on a crusade to ensure that victims’ families had the right to be informed about the alleged perpetrator’s release.

Versions of Marsy’s Law have been passed in multiple states, including Ohio.

Ohio Crime Victims Bill of Rights (Ohio’s version of Marsy’s Law) was passed by an 83 percent margin in November 2017 and became effective Feb. 5, 2018. This law gave constitutional and statutory rights to certain victims of crime or acts of delinquency.