Volunteer spotlight: Weaver serves community for 20 years

20 years of service volunteering

By Kari Egbert - For the Sidney Daily News



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Sometimes in life you start down one path, but end up on another. The same can be true of volunteering with the city of Sidney. Retiring Zoning Board of Appeals member Jim Weaver didn’t start his service on the Zoning Board, but it’s where he will finish. He was first a volunteer on the city’s Citizens Peer Review Board.

Weaver began his volunteer service with the city in 1999. “My parents were heavily involved in the activities of my hometown, Pleasant Hill; my dad was president of the school board, and my mom was the mayor. So many of our dinnertime discussions centered on community activities and finding ways to make the community better,” Weaver shared. “I guess it was instilled in me at a very early age to find ways to be a part of the solution and I’ve done the same with my kids.”

“If you don’t volunteer because you are concerned with not understanding rules or a situation, don’t be. City employees are very friendly and will go out of their way to make sure you understand the issues being presented for consideration during meetings,” Weaver added. “Even with the challenges of the Zoning Board of Appeals cases, where nothing is usually ‘black and white,’ city staff made sure all members understood the parameters that applied to each situation.”

“I’ve enjoyed myself along the way and have learned a lot,” Weaver said. “I would encourage anyone, especially younger generations, to get more involved in the communities where they live.”

It was a position with LeRoi that originally brought Weaver to Sidney after a few years at U.S. Steel in Lorain County. Weaver is married with two sons, two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren.

Thank you, Jim Weaver, for all that you have done for the city of Sidney!

The city has approximately 82 volunteers on some 20 different boards and commissions. The time and many contributions these citizens lend to our governing process have been greatly appreciated over the years. Persons interested in any of these positions should contact the city clerk’s office at 937-498-8148 or by email at kegbert@sidneyoh.com.

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20 years of service volunteering

By Kari Egbert

For the Sidney Daily News