Mayor receives letter appreciation from Virginia Beach

SIDNEY — Sidney Mayor Mike Barhorst recently received a letter of appreciation from Mayor Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer of Virginia Beach. The letter expressed Dyer’s thanks for Barhorst’s expression of sympathy following the shootings that took place at the Virginia Beach Municipal Complex on May 31.

During the incident, a lone gunman shot and killed 12 people. Eleven of them were city employees. The 12th was a contractor. Six others were seriously wounded.

“As soon as I heard about the shootings,” Barhorst said in a city of Sidney press release, “I sent the mayor a sympathy card signed by all members of Sidney’s City Council. I included a note offering our prayers.”

Dyer’s letter to Barhorst and council members expressed his appreciation. “From the bottom of my heart, thank you to you and your organization for your outpouring of support in response to the horrific shooting that has devastated our community. Your kind words and offer of prayers have been generous and sustaining as we respond to this tragedy and work to provide help to those in need.”

“My deepest condolences go to the families of our colleagues and family members that we lost, many of whom were lifelong public servants. I pray for our injured community members and will work to make sure that the mental and physical health of our city staff are taken care of during this time of grieving,” Dyer’s letter continued.

“I am so proud of and thankful for our police department, led by Chief James Cervera, and all the first responders who helped save lives, and to our city employees, who were both victims of the violence and were on the front lines in the immediate aftermath,” Dyer’s letter said.

“With all that Mayor Dyer has facing him,” Barhorst said, “I was surprised to hear from him. I cannot imagine having to face the heavy load he is facing and will continue to face.”

“Although he has previous service as a council member in Virginia Beach, he’s serving his first term as mayor,” Barhorst noted. “I would encourage Sidney residents to pray for both the victims and survivors that they might both grieve and heal.”