Anna council approves ordinances

ANNA – During the Feb. 11 Village of Anna council meeting, two ordinances were adopted after council declared emergencies for both.

The first was a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign a 43.508 acre annexation agreement with Franklin Township, Shelby County and Troy W. Kies. The second resolution set permanent appropriations for the village for fiscal year 2020. Both ordinances were approved unanimously.

Council also had the first reading of an ordinance for park use fees.

In his report, Mayor Mark Pulfer said the Rotary report is $250 with $75 going to the state. The police statistics are available for review, he said.

Administrator Mike Homan said Sturm Construction is looking to start phase I of the South Street reconstruction in March. Sturm has supplies and materials on-site.

Two additional engineers, recommended by council member Ken Aselage, have been contacted to look at the sidewalk and drainage projects for quotes, Homan reported. The village hopes to have figures for the next meeting.

Fiscal Officer Stacy Meyer said, according to the auditor’s website, a payment has been made for the utility extension assessment. The real estate settlement will be received in March, Meyer said.

Fire Chief Tim Bender said a preventative maintenance plan is being assessed for the department trucks. Evaluations will be done on all of them and baselines will be noted.

Some of the current hand lanterns are starting to fail, Bender said. With bulk pricing, the village received a substantial discount and that bill is to follow.

Police Chief Scott Evans said a new automated external defibrillator has been ordered due to malfunctions with the current AED.

Evans has received notification from the retirement board that he has an eligible retirement date of July 31. There is some follow up paperwork to verify that date, but he will let council know when it is confirmed.

The police department has an official Facebook page and is working out some of the kinks. Residents are invited to visit the page.

In the finance and personnel report, Meyer reviewed the permanent appropriations that were passed earlier. Also, the Imagine Network and NKTelco contracts were discussed.

Meyer will look into how other municipalities handle seasonal mowing. Bender reviewed a quote that was on the agenda for AED replacements.

The committee’s next meeting is at 6 p.m. March 10.

The next public works meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Feb. 25.

The safety and refuse committee will discuss an ordinance for trash/recycling containers and rates for new recycling containers if lost or taken. The committee’s next meeting is at 6:30 p.m. March 3.

New board member Sandy Wilt was present at the parks and recreation meeting.

Jazz in the Park will be held at 2 p.m. May 9. The library will hold its Family Fun Walk on June 1 in the park. The historical society is looking into a week-long event, on the history of Anna, this summer in the park.

Aug. 4 is National Night Out, and the committee will plan an event with the safety committee to highlight those services. There was discussion on the craft beer and wine event in the park this year. The committee’s next meeting is at 5 p.m. March 10.

The Planning Commission will meet at 7 p.m. March 3 to approve a replat regarding two lots.

In old business, it was reported there has been no communication in regards to the proposed waterway.

A phase of the potential park additions and upgrades would include the ball courts (basketball, pickleball, tennis). Homan will relay the thoughts on the budgetary numbers to Poggemeyer Design so she can start writing for the grants and see what is available.

There will be no charge for 5K race organizers that are non-profit. Council agreed to a $100 charge for for-profit organizations.

After discussion regarding the Imagine Networks contract, the no-compete clause will be taken out in the new contract. A payment schedule will be added to bring the shorted payments current.

Homan will work with Lowe to come up with a draft contract renewal. NKTelco will be contacted regarding its interest in wireless equipment on top of the water tower as well.

Council is in favor of having both companies have equipment up there. It was noted that it shouldn’t have an effect on the equipment the county has up there.

The NKTelco service contract (the village’s internet and phone service) to save $200/month needed to be signed by the end of January in order to get the savings. Homan will see if he can still sign the contract to get the savings.

Smaller hydrovac units, compared to the $45,000-$90,000 units, have been looked at for the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation safety grant.

Aselage asked how often the unit would be used or if financially it would be better to borrow or rent as needed. Homan said the village has borrowed from other municipalities in the past and/or hired the project out.

Homan has contacted another engineering firm to quote the 2020 sidewalk project and the drainage options. He hopes to have figures for the next meeting.

There are a couple committee seats that need to be filled.

At this point, the Community Improvement Corporation will remain active. There is potential use for it in the future. Members are needed to operate it.

In new business, Meyer reviewed a job bid/quote and invoice that was received. No change orders were submitted or received, and the invoice description is directly related to and matches the bid/quote description as documented. However, the invoice amount was almost 30 percent higher and a payment was made based on the bid/quote dollar amount.

Homan requested the over-charges be paid and said the billing is sloppy. After discussion, all of council agreed the additional charges are not payable as documented.

Annual fire and police department tours will be scheduled for council members and other staff.

Bender presented a quote for three new AEDs for the department. One will replace an existing unit, and two will be additional for an engine and a truck. Council unanimously approved the $7,812.90 purchase.

Evans presented a quote of $8,875.10 for seven fitted armored vests for the current officers and himself. The vests will remain the property of the village, and there is a BWC grant for vests that will reimburse 75 percent of the cost. After various questions, council unanimously approved the request.

Also during the meeting, invoices totaling $22,479.47 were approved. The bank reconciliation and reports also were approved.

Council entered executive session for litigation and real estate but didn’t take any action.