Gibbs officially files nominating petitions



LORAIN – Chris Gibbs, an independent candidate for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District, officially filed his nominating petitions Monday.

Individuals representing both the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as other independents, made up the more than 3,000 signatures collected in this effort.

“We’re building a coalition that represents everyone in the district,” Gibbs said. “At a time in our nation’s history when we are dealing with a moment that requires us all to be coming together and working towards a common goal, our campaign is doing just that.”

Gibbs also used Monday’s filing and the recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic to highlight why he was entering this race for Congress at this time.

“What we are seeing from many politicians in Washington, D.C., is a lack of leadership or even the willingness to come together for the good of the people back here in Ohio,” Gibbs said. “This past week we saw Rep. Jim Jordan voted against the coronavirus relief package without an utterance from him as to what he would do to help the lives of his constituents. Just complete silence.

“Caring for one another in a time of crisis isn’t a matter of right versus left. It’s just about doing what is right versus what is wrong. That is real leadership, and it’s high time the people of the 4th Congressional District get what they are asking for.”

Gibbs and his wife, Deb, own and operate 560 acres of corn, soybeans, hay and cattle in Shelby and Logan counties. They have two adult children, Jason and Tiffany, along with one grandson.