Practice social distancing at city parks

Activites postponed to May 15, shelter rentals to May 1

SIDNEY — Play areas, structures and shelters in Sidney city parks are closed. Caution tape has been put up to block off closed areas.

Gov. Mike DeWine announced Sunday, March 29, the closure of all places of public amusement, whether indoors or outdoors, including all shelters, play structures, swings, slides, climbers and any other play features in the city parks are closed for use by the public. According to a city press release, the Sidney Parks and Recreation Department erected temporary signage near the play areas, notifying the citizens of the closure.

“The signs didn’t seem to deter activity on the play structures, so city staff cordoned off the play areas with caution tape. Unfortunately, we’ve had to monitor the play areas and continually replace the caution tape at several of our facilities. The Ohio Parks and Recreation Association continues to monitor the situation and update Gov. DeWine on the situation, but if park patrons continue to defy the social distancing orders, there is a very real possibility the governor will likely close all park facilities to deter the spread of the virus,” said Parks and Recreation Director Duane Gaier.

“At this time, the parks themselves will remain open for individual recreation activity, but play structures and shelters will remain closed. While in the parks and on the trails, we ask that you practice ‘social distancing’ as directed by the Director of the Ohio Department of Health, Dr. Amy Acton. Doing so will help keep the facilities open to all patrons,” Gaier continued.

City Manager Mark Cundiff reiterated, “The health and safety of our residents and employees are of highest priority to us. To help combat the spread of COVID-19 we urge residents to follow the orders of Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton and practice social distancing if they are using the parks system for individual recreation activities.”

Gaier also shared that all league activity at city facilities has again been postponed. The new, tentative start dates is May 15. In addition, shelter house rentals will not be available for reservations until May 1.
Activites postponed to May 15, shelter rentals to May 1