Trustees ask for help to clean ditches

NEW KNOXVILLE — Spring is here, the grass is growing and soon mowing crews will be mowing the road ditches.

The Washington Township trustees are asking for some community help to clean up the ditches. Historically 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts and other organizations would pick up trash along the roadways as service projects and fund raisers. With the Covid-19 pandemic this is not possible in 2020.

Township trustees are asking residents to clean sections of their roads. Grab a bucket or trash bag and put on your gloves as you head out for a walk. Please use safety precautions as you make your way down the road. If you should come across a suspicious item or something to large to handle, please contact a trustee and inform them of the location so they can address the issue.

The trustees appreciate the community’s help in keeping the countryside free of litter and it also prevents wear and tear on mowing equipment.