Planning Commission OKs re requests

By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — A revision to the final plan for Plum Ridge building plans and a replat request of two lots in the development were approved by the Sidney Planning Commission during its Thursday evening teleconference meeting.

A public hearing was held on the request of Ratermann Construction Company for a revision to the final plan for Plum Ridge, phase eight Residential Planned Unit Development (PUD). The final plan for Plum Ridge PUD was originally approved in March 2005.

Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth said a revision to the PUD, including the subject property, was approved in March 2006, which revised the building plans for 16 lots. At that time, the approved square footage of the dwellings was increased from 3,784-square-feet for the structure (two dwellings) to 4,052-square-feet, but the building design and placement was not significantly altered.

The proposed revision includes a replat of two lots (7225 and 7226) to re-orient them so the division between the lots runs north-to-south rather than the current east-to-west. The revision also proposes an alternate floor plan and elevation for the subject lots. The property is located south-east of the intersection of Summer Field Trail and Arthur Court.

Frank Ratermann, of Ratermann Construction Company, said the reason for the replat request is because the potential buyers would like the sun room in the structure to face the south.

Arthur Court resident Vicki Siwek, the next door neighbor, expressed concern about drainage. She and her husband also expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed dwelling being built so much closer, by 10 to 15 feet closer, to their home.

Ratermann said, and Dulworth confirmed, drainage will be routed away from the next door property and out to the street.

Dulworth said staff feels the proposed revision meets the definition of a minor change not involving any public improvements as defined by the zoning code. If the commission finds the proposed revision to be a minor change with no effect on public improvements, she said it may take action to approve, modify or deny approval.

The board agreed the proposed revision to the Plum Ridge Phase eight PUD as a minor change not involving any public improvements and approved the revised final plan as submitted.

The board also OKd the request of Britt Havenar, on behalf of TCFC Investments, to approve the replat of the two lots discussed above, to create two new lots (7225 and 7226). The property is located in the R-1, single family residence district, with a PUD overlay. The property is located at the intersection of Summer Field Trail and Arthur Court.

The intent of this replat, Dulworth said, is to turn the orientation of the two lots 90 degrees, from a east-west division to a north-south division. This replat does not vacate any of the existing utility easements and all existing utility easements will remain.

While the proposed lots do not meet the minimum required width of 60 feet, the PUD plan for this neighborhood allows flexible development in return for development plans that are comprehensive for the PUD area. The proposed lots are very similar in size to other lots in the PUD and are almost exactly the same size and shape as the lots directly to the south.

There was also a public hearing on the proposed replat, during which Siwek repeated the same concerns as above.

Because the replat is located in a PUD, in order for the replat to be approved, the PUD plan revision had to be approved as well, Dulworth explained. The board voted to approve the replat request as presented.

By Sheryl Roadcap

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.