Sidney Visitors Bureau finalizes community rebranding effort

SIDNEY – The community rebranding effort has been finalized, Sidney Visitors Bureau Director Jeff Raible said, and local communication of the new brand is underway with a broader, more regional brand rollout strategy under development.

Thus far, new brand messaging has occurred using regional press releases, local outdoor advertising, Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area refreshment cups, website graphics/color updates and social media updates.

Under development are video messaging, social media banner advertising, outdoor signage, print ad layouts and a microsite to promote the area for living and visiting.

The bureau is exploring the most cost effective marketing strategies for utilization in 2021. With its advertising budget being decreased significantly in the new year, the bureau will utilize only the most proven methods for communicating its message for promoting leisure travel to the area.

Sidney Visitors Bureau web traffic decreased in September 2020 to 2,351 web sessions versus 3,805 in September 2019, decreased to 1,993 new users versus 3,023 in 2019 and decreased to 3,217 page views versus 5,251 in 2019. Time spent on the site decreased from 1:05 in 2019 to 1:01 in September 2020.

Facebook impressions fell to 4,949 in September 2019 compared to 63,241 in September 2019, which is when a world record video was featured.

Search engine marketing increased to 10,263 impressions in September 2020 versus 10,227 in 2019 with a 6.42% click through rate in 2020 compared to 7.28% in 2019. The travel industry standard is 4.1%.

Web traffic decreased in October 2020 to 2,234 web sessions versus 2,615 in 2019, 1,837 new users versus 2,037 in 2019 and 3,211 page views versus 3,850 in 2019.

Facebook impressions fell to 1,779 in October 2020 versus 3,409 in 2019, but time spent on the bureau’s website increased to 1:23 versus 1:10 in 2019.

Search engine marketing increased to 14,767 impressions in October 2020 versus 9,487 in 2019 while click through rate fell to 5.49% versus 6.84% in 2019.

For a complete calendar listing of upcoming events, including those associated with the celebration of Sidney’s Bicentennial, visit and on Facebook at @VisitSidneyOhio.