Real estate tax statements in the mail

SIDNEY — Shelby County Treasurer, John E. Coffield has announced that first half real estate tax bills wete mailed out this week. The due date for payment of these bills will be Feb. 14, 2021.

“Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic,” Coffield said, “the Shelby County Treasurer’s Office is still closed to the general public. My number one priority is the health, safety and well being of my employees and the public at large. Due to the confined spaces in the elevators, stairwell and hallway it is virtually impossible to practice social distancing. There is no reason to unnecessarily risk people’s health.”

Coffield continued, “Virtually all transactions can be handled through the US Postal Service or on-line. We are also available to answer questions by telephone however we cannot accept credit card payments over the phone. We will continue to work our normal hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday and 8:30 a.m to noon on Fridays. The preferred method of paying your taxes is by personal check through the US mail. You can also drop off your payment in the night drop located just outside the main doors of the Shelby County Annex. We also accept money orders or cashier’s checks. Checks or money orders can be made payable to John E. Coffield, Shelby County Treasurer. Cash is highly discouraged.”

“In addition, you can also make your payment on-line at and clicking on the Click to Pay Now button. This will direct you to our third party vendor AllPaid. Then just follow the instructions,” Coffield explained. “When using your credit or debit card, the taxpayer is responsible for the credit/debit card convenience fee of 2.25%. However, the cost of an eCheck is just a flat $1.25. If using your bank’s online bill-pay, please use your 12-digit parcel number as your account number.”

The Treasurer’s Office does not share in these fees.

“If you desire to have your bill stamped paid, please send your entire bill along with a self addressed stamped envelope. We will stamp the top half of your bill and return it to you. Your check does constitute a valid receipt. If you feel you have an exceptional circumstance and must come to the office in person, you need to call this office to make an appointment. You will also need to wear a mask and have your temperature taken by the on-duty sheriff’s deputy.”

Any payment received with a Feb. 14 postmark or before will not receive a penalty.

“If you have a change of mailing address or do not receive a bill, please contact our office,” said Coffield. “Failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from paying the taxes due nor relieve you of the mandatory penalty and/or interest.”

The Treasurer’s Office offers pre-payment of future taxes and they can debit a checking account for payments, whether they are bi-annually or monthly. An agreement will need to be signed.

For taxpayers 65 and older, or permanently disabled, there is a homestead reduction. This also applies to some military veterans who are 100% disabled. Contact the Shelby County Auditor’s Office with any questions. One can also apply for the owner occupied credit through the Auditor’s Office. In 2020, a triennial update took place. Ohio law requires county auditors to reappraise every property in the county once every six years and to complete a triennial update in the third year of the reappraisal cycle. A triennial update is an update of property values based solely on home sales. Many people should expect to see that the value of their homes have increased over the past three years based on the tight housing market in Shelby County. If you have questions about the value of your home, please call the Auditor’s office at 937-498-7202.

Active military personnel are allowed an extension of time for payment of real estate and manufactured home tax according to House Bill #390. This application is in the Treasurer’s office.

The office’s mailing address is 129 E. Court St., Sidney, Ohio. Anyone with questions may call 937 -498-7281, visit the website at, or email at