Botkins remains strong during pandemic



BOTKINS — 2020! What a year it has been.

“This past year has been one unlike any other in the history of our community, but Botkins persevered. The COVID-19 pandemic threatened the economic stability of every municipality in the state of Ohio, and throughout the country. We are glad to report that the state of our community is strong, Botkins Strong!” said Village Administrator Randy Purdy.

His report continues:

Despite the economic hardships imposed on our community by the shutdowns and state, the village exceeded revenues from 2019. This was accomplished thanks to the Village’s managed growth policies, fiscal conservatism, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our residents and businesses. The village will be able to take the lessons learned from this previous year, along with our successes, and forge them into a path for continued growth and prosperity. The fiscal health of the Village is strong!

The village of Botkins was able to complete a number of projects over the last year to improve our infrastructure. Perhaps the most exciting groups of projects were the improvements to the Botkins Community Park. A joint venture between the Botkins Joint Recreation Board and the village facilitated the installation of new playground equipment. The Village would like to thank the Join Recreation Board, the Community Foundation of Shelby County through the tremendous legacy of Louise Sheets, and all of the donors who chipped in to make this project a success. In addition to the playground, the village was able to pave the park lane to the Botkins Community Park. This project will ensure easy access for our residents to enjoy all the amenities our park has to offer.

Sidewalks! Botkins’ sidewalk continued again this past year with new sidewalks installed on First Street and North Main Street. These sidewalks are pivotal public safety improvements, and have improved upon the safety of our residents while walking and the aesthetic appeal of the Village.

The village undertook several major road projects as well. Due to recent growth the Village extended Commerce Drive at the Botkins industrial park to service Fertilizer Dealer Supply and future development to the North. The Village also re-paved First Street in conjunction with sidewalk installation. Additionally, Loy Street and the parking lot at the Botkins Administrative Building were re-paved.

The village kept on growing despite all of the hurdles that 2020 could throw our way. We are happy to announce that Fertilizer Dealer Supply has fully moved into their new building at the Botkins Industrial Park. Buckeye Electrical Products completed another addition to their property and the second spec building was completed by the Botkins Investment Group. On the residential side, the Village saw continued growth in the Woodland subdivision with three new houses going up over the last year.

The village has laid out an ambitious plan to continue our infrastructure projects and facilitate growth. This year includes projects such as a complete reconstruction of E. Lynn Street, a new roof for the shelter house at the park, and a facelift for the Botkins Police Department.

While there is no guarantee that the next year will be any less chaotic than the last, one thing we can count on is that Botkins will remain a community that takes care of one another in the most difficult of times. We are Botkins Strong!