Russia approves new teacher agreement

RUSSIA — A new master agreement was approved during the Russia Local Schools Board of Education meeting Wednesday, April 21.

The board approved the new three-year contract between the board of education and Russia Education Association, which will begin July 1, 2021 and end June 30, 2024. During year one of the contract, the teachers will receive a 2% increase. Year two will also have a 2% increase. The third year of the contract, they will receive a 1.5% increase.

A presentation concerning the establishment of a Wall of Honor for Russia Local Schools was also discussed. Levi Francis gave a presentation on the idea of developing Wall of Honor to recognize community members who have made a significant contribution to the village of Russia.

Superintendent Steve Rose updated the board on the status of the COVID-19 situation. End of year activities were discussed and the plans were shared with the board.

In other business, the board

• Held a public hearing to discuss the use of IDEA-B and Title I funds.

• Approved Melissa Bowers, Colleen Gehret, Melyssa Homan and Keith Wiley as substitute teachers at a rate of $90 per day for the 2020-21 school year on an as-needed basis.

• Employed Mike Bruns as a long-term sub for Hannah Mescher’s maternity leave.

• Employed Gay Booher as yearbook adviser at a rate of $1,300 for the 2020-21 school year.

• Reviewed NEOLA Policies as submitted to be approved at the May 2021 board meeting.

• Approve overnight field trips for grades 5 and 6, Camp Willson, Sept. 16-17, 2021; and grades 8 and 9, Washington DC, March 19-23, 2022.

• Approved Bart Doseck as the Washington DC class trip adviser.

• Approved a contract with the Family Resource Center to provide mental health counseling for 4 hours per week.

• Accepted a donation of $465 from various staff members for scholarship purposes.

• Accepted a donation of $1,075 from various businesses for scholarship purposes.

• Accepted a donation of $750 from the Gene and Jeannie Guillozet family for scholarship purposes.

• Accepted a donation of $1,200 from the family of Dr. Chen for scholarship purposes.

Marcus Bixler gave the board an update on student achievement and the progress of state testing. Spring sports and spring field trips are in full swing and students and staff are engaging in more “normal” end of the year activities.

The board went into executive session to discuss personnel employment. No action was taken.