Journeys Revealed Ministries publishes new book

“Finding Foundation: My Journey to Catholicism” by Angela L. Schwieterman is now available

Angela Schwieterman

BOTKINS — Angela L. Schweiterman, a 1996 graduate of Marysville High School and current resident of Mercer County, recently released a new book called “Finding Foundation: My Journey to Catholicism”.

“Finding Foundation” is a personal narrative revealing Schweiterman’s unique conversion experience into the Roman Catholic Church. Along the way, readers learn how the many trials of life showed her how lost she was in her faith and how, much to her surprise, the Lord called her home from the most unlikely of places, the footnotes of her husband’s Catholic Bible.

In the book, Schweiterman writes: “Do all these denominations keep popping up because members realize that something is missing in their theology, and they are continuing to search? That is where I was, searching for my foundation to build upon. I was suspicious of the ‘truths’ I had been taught and confused as to why my beliefs were so contrary to what was being preached. I wanted the genuine faith and I knew God was calling me to His truth…

“[I]n that moment when I realized that the Catholic Church’s beliefs lined up with my own, I felt such relief. Relief and shock. Utter shock that the truth I had been seeking was found in the very same faith that I had been merely tolerating for eight years! I had been fighting for so long against what I thought the Catholic Church represented and now I saw it was where I belonged.”

Schweiterman’s book is a publication of the recently formed Catholic non-profit apostolate, Journeys Revealed Ministries. Readers can purchase this book and the other publications of JRM online at

Angela Schwieterman Schwieterman
“Finding Foundation: My Journey to Catholicism” by Angela L. Schwieterman is now available